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i wanted to know what your experience was using this supplument . form my understand its suposed to promotes fat burning and encourages the body to burn stored fat for energy rather than carbohydrates by forcing fat into the muscular cells. Carnitine is supposed to be the only nutrient that can transport fat to the part of the cell that will burn it, the mitochondria. If you can’t get fat into the mitochondria, you can’t burn it?(sp) Optimal carnitine levels is supposed to allow the body to burn fat at an optimal rate.


24 Jul 2008 08:04
great stuff I use NOW liquid LC comes in abig bottle each serving is 3,000mg good stuff first thin in the am before cardio when cutting.  

24 Jul 2008 09:50
you've seen results? the stuff makes sense at the cellular level, but someone told me thats it was a waste of money and he'd hadn't seen any results.  

28 Jul 2008 01:53
yea its great stuff but everything works much better when you are doing cardio, solid routine, diet, and consistently doing it.  

29 Jul 2008 01:34
does the pill form work any good. i don't want to inject anything:(  

02 Aug 2008 01:38
INJECT? Why in the world would anyone inject L-Carnitine???????  

02 Aug 2008 02:29
[QUOTE=csyflt;88814]INJECT? Why in the world would anyone inject L-Carnitine???????[/QUOTE]

havn't go a clue? i read somewhere that you inject for it to get in the blood fast.:confused:

does that mean pills are as good??  

02 Aug 2008 07:01
You do not inject it.  

02 Aug 2008 14:25
cool, i'm anti-needle. heard it was more effective taken on an empty stomach an hour or so before meal. thoughts?  

02 Aug 2008 17:31
glutamine is the most abundant free-form amino acid in the bloodstream, with muscle containing the greatest concentration of l glutamine in the body.  

06 Aug 2008 11:45
[QUOTE=jimcarry;88912]glutamine is the most abundant free-form amino acid in the bloodstream, with muscle containing the greatest concentration of l glutamine in the body.[/QUOTE]

umm...thanks for the info, but i was inquiring about l-cartine not l-glutamine. i started taking them in the pill form in the morning before cardio with alot of water and they make my throught dry. is that supposed to happen???  

08 Aug 2008 00:01
i've purchased l-carnitine 200mg injetable for horses and dogs from the pet store, you can either inject straight into muscle or pinch your fat and inject into your fat i do about about 3ml a day seeing good results once again it only works if you cardio... and a good diet.. there isnt a magical formula that makes you get lean without doing them both unless your own growth...  

24 Nov 2009 05:58
l-carnitine is the amino acid responsible for what you are saying, but i dont think there is any evidence that oral supplementation will help you that much.  

29 Nov 2009 23:38
it's used for race horses and dogs, pinching into fat is not the most affective way i found out... but it to inject into muscle and let it go around your hole body.. its just amino acids. so it does work for the price u get it for its no problem.  

12 May 2010 19:48

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