How to make Trenbolone Acetate 40mg/ml

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1 sealed 50ml bottle
1 open 50ml bottle
1 frying pan
1 0.25um Whatman filter
1 10ml Syringe
1 3ml Syringe
1 18 g pin
2 23 g pins
1 alcohol pad
Oil of choice
2g Tren powder
1 graduated cylender
1 scoopula
1 muffin tray  

27 Aug 2004 05:35
1. Fill frying pan with water and heat on oven eye. Fill 1 slot in the muffin tray with oil and bake at 250.

2. Place open vile on scales and tare to 0.  

27 Aug 2004 05:36
3. Place 2g of tren powder in vile followed by 1ml BA & 3ml BB. Be sure to clean the stoppers of teh BA & BB with an alcohol pad before drawing from them.  

27 Aug 2004 05:39
4. Place vile on the frying pan untill the powder is completly dissolved.

5. Remove the oil from the oven and place 41.5ml in the open vile with the BA, BB, and powder. Save the other 3ml to purge the filter with.

6. Clean the stopper on the sealed vile and insert a 23 g pin. Attach the whatman and insert another 23 g pin in the stopper to vent the pressure with (not shown in picture).  

27 Aug 2004 05:40
7. Filter all of the soln using the 10ml syringe for better pushing power.

8. Use the last 3ml of oil to purge the filter followed by air. You should have 50ml @ 40mg/ml.  

27 Aug 2004 05:42
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm trennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn  

25 Sep 2004 02:40
why make it at 40mg/ml?? why not save yourself the greif of injection volume and make the sucker at 100mg/ml??  

19 Jan 2005 06:09
[QUOTE=gymphreak]why make it at 40mg/ml?? why not save yourself the greif of injection volume and make the sucker at 100mg/ml??[/QUOTE]

I agee 40mg/ml seems liek a pain in the ass when 100mg is pretty damn easy to make  

19 Jan 2005 06:46
What is BB?  

18 Mar 2009 22:18
Benzyl Benzoate  

19 Mar 2009 06:16
Can i use only benzyl alkohol?  

20 Mar 2009 01:44
[QUOTE=markohesna;95557]Can i use only benzyl alkohol?[/QUOTE]

You should already be using that referred to as 'BA'. So no you can not. To be blunt, sounds like you shouldn't be brewing shit. I hope this is just research and you don't have the powder already, or pellets. I would expect anyone with half a brain to actually get gear that is already made for their first cycle, so I'm assuming this isn't your first run? BTW most the homebrewing recipes floating around are out of date saying 5%ba were it really only needs to be 2%.  

20 Mar 2009 02:48
not to mention dong that old ass pellet shit doesn't yield you much at all..You calculate out 100mgs and think your all fine but in reality you got about 30-40mg per juts shows how strong tren really is..Huge dif when you get the good stuff that is from raw powder.  

20 Mar 2009 04:54
I just converted some fina and I ended up with 45ml.  

20 Mar 2009 13:14

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