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when i say new i mean to here and to lifting. i've been doing for a about 2 weeks and really like it. yes i look soft and i would like to toughen up. looking to lower bodyfat(i'm about36-37%). goal is about 15-20%. any suggestions would be appreciated.  

06 Jul 2008 10:29
Aric Gant
I recently ran into two people I went to high school with at 24 hr fitness. One I recognized and the other I didn't. When I was told who it was I was amazed. This guy was about 310 in h.s. He was now down to 190. I always see the people on tv losing all that weight but when someone you know does it, it's even more amazing. So, I asked him how he did it.
His answer... "DIET". He said he stopped eating so much. Now he's training MMA.

You gotta have the diet right because training can only do so much.  

06 Jul 2008 23:02
I see alot of potential in your build. Of course your diet is very important but dont be afraid to lift heavy weights. Thats the quickest way for women(or anyone for that matter) to make drastic body changes. And dont worry, yo wont get bulky.  

07 Jul 2008 06:47
thanks guys for the support. i guess thats what i need since i have this problem with consistancy  

07 Jul 2008 21:12
consistancy is the key.there is no other way around it.but you do have nice potential.just keep truckin along with a good diet,cardio and some heavy ass weights  

07 Jul 2008 21:44
I'd support you 100%!!!  

08 Jul 2008 13:10
[QUOTE=moonmoon;88411]I'd support you 100%!!![/QUOTE]

i hope so! i'm doing this alone its easy to "fall of the wagon". thanks you all for the encouragment and advice. i was about to fall off track but your comments kept me going:cool:  

08 Jul 2008 20:46
When you are lacking motivation go to the thread "what motivated you"in training and advice. That should help you out.  

09 Jul 2008 07:36
whres the pic gone?  

28 Jul 2008 02:31

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