Help is welcome.. seeing what ur take is (pics/measurements inside)..i

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Hey guys i have been involved with general health for a while now (3-4 years). I have a decent grasp on diet and training for both losing weight and gaining. I really wanted to get bigger around Dec 06' so i decided to go about doing that. I was 6'2" 150lbs skinny as shit (still am, well, im really lean)
Here were my begging measurements
Arms: R 13 L 13
Forearms: R 11 1/4 L 11
Chest: Expanded 40 3/4 Relaxed 37 7/8
Shoulders: 46 1/2
Waist: 29
Thigh: R 21 L 21
Calf: R 14 3/8 L 14 3/4
Neck: 14 3/4

I dont have any pictures of this sadly but you can tell i was very tall and lanky..

So after A heavy diet of 120 - 150 grams of protein and up to 50000 calories a day spread throughout 6-8 meals a day I went up to about 170 by summer.. and then i took a month off... I lost my training partner and motivation... I went to school in the fall and that destroyed my plans.. I ate like shit and barley trained... Until March I had no schedule and was eating inconsistently and drinking way too much.. Since March i have been on a Decent schedule and eating better but not great!

Monday - Chest
Flat Bench: 145-20, 175-10, 225-6
Incline DBs: 75-12, 80-8, 90-6
Decline Bench: 145-12, 175-10, 195-8
Cable cross overs: 80-12, 90-10, 110-8
Weighted dips: 45+body for 3 sets, go for failure
**2 Triceps exercises alternating everyweek
Skulls: 60-12, 70-8, 80-6
Cable press downs: 120-12, 140-8, 150-6

Tuesday - Back
Lat machine: 185-12, 210-10, 245-6
Behind the neck: 130-12, 145-10, 160-6
Bent over rows: 100-12, 145-10, 175-8
Dead lifts: 100-12, 145-10, 175-8
***2 Biceps exercises Alternating everweek
Close grip BB curls: 65-12, 85-10, 95-8
Close grip preacher curls: 50-12, 45-16, 25- 20

Wednesday - Shoulder
DB press: 60-12, 75-8, 80-6
Front raises: 25-12, 35-8, 40-6
Up right rows: 95-12, 115-8, 125-6
Side raises: 20-12, 25-10, 30-8
Shrugs: 80-12, 90-10, 100-8

Thursday - Legs
Not going to lie this will be the first week in a long ass time i'm going to do legs... I know its terrible to skip it thats why i'm going back to it ahhaha.

Friday - Arms
Close grip BB curls: 65-12, 85-10, 95-8
Close grip preacher curls: 50-12, 45-16, 25- 20
Skulls: 60-12, 70-8, 80-6
Cable press downs: 120-12, 140-8, 150-6
Seated hammer curls: 40-12, 45-10, 50-8 (when my arm is fully extended i also rotate my arm 180 degrees)
Concentration curls: 25-12, 30-10, 35-8
Close grip Bench press (newly added will enter data on Friday)
DB kick backs: 25-12, 30-10, 35-8

Weekends OFF

So with this system and taking the following supplements
Creatine (5 grams daily)
Nano X 9 (NO booster)
Betasine (mental focus)
Liver formula (milk thistle and other antioxidants)

Honestly i dont believe any hype from these products but i am curious..
i have also taken in previous "cycles"
super pump (which is really the only thing i have liked)
Thermo boost
and a few others that escape my head

Now as of May 14, 2008 I am:
6'3 190Lbs

Arms: R 14 1/2 L 14 1/2
Forearms: R 12 L 12
Chest: Expanded 43 Relaxed 40
Shoulders: 49 3/4
Waist: 33 1/4
Thigh: R 21 1/2 L 22
Calf: R 15 1/4 L 15 1/4
Neck: 15 1/2

Sorry for the horrible pictures

What am i looking to do? I want to get to 210lbs by the end of the summer and hit like 17" arms... With the rest of my body in proportion.
Now heres the catch. I really dont have the time to eat at work.. I have 15 minutes. I was thinking if i made a shake but even then thats only what like 225 230 cals max in up to 7 hours... so because of that im only eating like 3000 calories that day, plus or minus like 200. And my appetite isnt that large, which i really dont kno what to do about that..
I know to grow you must rest and eat but im having a hard time with the eating do to time constraints mostly..

ideas/criticism/comments welcome:thumbs:  

14 May 2008 20:55
That routine is terrible, too much isolation work plus no need for a shoulders day, especially right afer back day. Id suggest doing something like Bill Star 5x5 intermediate routine. It focuses on the big lifts: Squat, bench, Deads, and rows. Thats the kind of shit you need to be doing if you wanna put on mass.  

14 May 2008 21:12

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