deca real or fake???

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i got deca 250 that says balkin pharmacy's.Just want to know if any one has ever came across deca from this place and if it is lagit or not. i am gunna try to post a pic but im not really good on this computer shit. app. any positive input. just dont want to put shit in my body that is not real  

07 May 2008 23:08
post some pics bro  

08 May 2008 02:08
Here U Go Great Quality Stuff.  

08 Jun 2008 00:56
Was it a mosquito in there?  

16 Jun 2008 13:07
haha nice. you sure that aint a photoshop job?  

16 Jun 2008 19:57
No that is real for sure good ol balkin labs premium.  

16 Jun 2008 20:45

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