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Aric Gant
My girlfriend is in college and taking a nutrition course. The instructor told them that with excess protein ingestion amino acids are removed and excreted, the rest is converted to glucose or fat.
If this is the case then eating as much protein as you can is not necessarily a good idea. I have trouble eating the 1-2 g/lb of body weight anyways though.

I always read excess protein just gets shitted out.

Just curious if this was misinterpreted to me or if there is some truth to it.  

22 Apr 2008 07:41
You dont try to eat that much protein at once man. And no its not ganna make you fat.  

22 Apr 2008 13:55
Aric Gant
I know you're not supposed to eat that much at once. I meant through out the day I have trouble.

So no truth to the turning to fat statment......... What are they teaching these kids these days?  

23 Apr 2008 07:31
Her teacher is right. Protein you eat is broken down into amino acids and whatever is needed is used, otherwise excess is stored as fat or can be converted to glucose if needed for energy. But because protein has the highest thermic effect, it is harder to be stored as fat compared to other nutrients so you would really need to eat lots of it.

Eating lots of protein is good to an extent for people who train and require the protein to build and repair muscle.. so remember a lot of the nutrition guidelines are set for the "average" person which is usually a fairly sedentary lifestyle. Nutrient consumption is always in higher demand for people who train and athletes.  

23 Apr 2008 11:01
In his case he doesnt have to worry about eating that much protein. Most probodybuilders dont even eat that much protein. My point is you dont need to let that bother you and eat up man!  

23 Apr 2008 14:20
Aric Gant
Thanks for the info.

Another question.

She also told me something along the lines that protein powders aren't all they're cracked up to be. Can't remember her exact comment but it was something close to "they don't work".  

23 Apr 2008 23:04
Excess protein can't be converted into fat. Excess protein will be excreted out.

It is BS to say protein powder don't work. Protein powder is also a source of protein.  

14 Jun 2008 13:08

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