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i just started a cycle of plasma jet and cytolean on 4/17/08 this is day 1
height 5'6
starting weight 210
lean mass 176.3
biceps 17
chest 44.5
bench press 315x3
bicep curl 50x15
i will be posting pics and updates. would like input if you have any . thanks.

and yes i do know im overweight..

also my first time on a forum and posting

sorry for the crappy pics

any and all input will be appreciated  

17 Apr 2008 22:27
end of day 1 ... i have a great pump from the plasma jet and the cytolean really curbed my apatite i actually had to force myself to eat.. cant wait till i can take the plasma jet on saturday. also the cytolean has a little effect on your attitude it makes you more relaxed..any1 know another good cutting supplement to take in combination with the cytolean.. any input would be greatly appreciated

forgot to mention i am also taking CLA from gnc  

18 Apr 2008 06:38
end of day 2 i took in too much caffine today without realizing it and its keeping me up.. i take 3 pills in the am and 1 pill 6-8 hours later.. this product really burns fat quick and also diminishes water weight you realize this by how many times you take a piss can feel that it works as a thermogenic when i went to sleep last nite i got really hot and my body felt like it was trying to burn something up without increasing my heart rate... i will be posting new pics up on thursday as it will be 1 week that i have been on it .. tomorrow i take plasma jet again and cant wait for the great and long lasting pump it give.. on a side not the cytolean gives you good clean energy when you take it ... but BE CAREFULLL WHEN YOU TAKE IT TO NOT IM SERIOUS ABOUT THIS DO NOT TAKE IN MUCH CAFFINE CAUSE IT IS VERY POTENT AS IT IS BY ITS SELF...
thanks for your intrests in my post and stay tuned for more up dates ..  

19 Apr 2008 08:30
end of day 3... today was a good day.. had great pumps and put up more reps then i normally do.. cytolean is workin great.. i am now weighing 204 after 3 days .as weird as that sounds. i cut out alot of water weight while being on this..hopefully this will help me get closer to my goal weight ... ill keep all of you posted on the progress  

20 Apr 2008 08:50
what is your eating like?  

21 Apr 2008 05:05
1500 calories of protine and salad  

21 Apr 2008 06:05
Aric Gant
I'm interested in this plasma jet. Its a NO product right? Have you ever taken any other NO products and if so how does this compare to those? If you haven't taken anything else then is the plasma jet worth the money??


21 Apr 2008 08:36
I've taken NO xplode nano vapor superpump and black powder .. Plasma jet is much better then all of them the pump lasts much longer and its in your system for 36 hours so u still have a good pump goin the next day.. This product is deff worth the money in my opion  

21 Apr 2008 10:13
hate to sound like a noob but whats the term pump stand for?  

21 Apr 2008 12:35
[QUOTE=bluntandkronic;87187]hate to sound like a noob but whats the term pump stand for?[/QUOTE] Cool  

21 Apr 2008 14:55

21 Apr 2008 19:41
Aric Gant
Just ordered some plasma jet. Hopefully I get pumps similiar to yours.  

22 Apr 2008 00:56
yeah you will deff like it  

22 Apr 2008 03:20
i havent posted in a few days .. ive been busy so anyway heres whats goin on .. i am not at 201 biceps are more toned great pumps still with the plasma jet .... i would recommend these products.. also i found out that on the second day of plasma jet to get a retarded pump going where u feel like super man to have a shake of protine with a little super pump or another NO product.. well ill be putting up a couple more fat pics tomorrow so be ready to  

24 Apr 2008 02:57
ok here are some updated pics .. this has been exactly one week that i have been on the supplements.  

24 Apr 2008 23:55
hey Aric Gant how do u like the plasma jet?  

25 Apr 2008 00:05
Aric Gant
haven't got it in the mail yet.  

25 Apr 2008 01:14
ooo ok let me know how you like it  

25 Apr 2008 02:52
I am testing out the PJ started today and nothing special at all yet..I took 6 caps and hr before my workout then the last 4 before I hit the gym..I am taking all 10caps 90min before legs tomorrow to see if that changes things.  

25 Apr 2008 07:05
take all 10 atleast 2 hours befor your work out to get the full effect . Also they advise you not to take 2 packs in 2 days u should do it every other supposedly. Let me know how it goes  

25 Apr 2008 07:13
Aric Gant
Still haven't received mine. Ordered last sunday. :banghead:
Supposed to be 2-5 day shipping. We'll see this week.  

28 Apr 2008 05:57
thats some serious BS i would be flippin out like crazy  

28 Apr 2008 10:53
Aric Gant
Go figure.... I complain a little and a package is on my door when I get home. Will probably start the PJ tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.  

29 Apr 2008 08:51
k man good luck with it  

29 Apr 2008 09:23
Aric Gant
Alright just pooped 10 of the nastiest pills I've ever seen. Looked like blood capsules. We'll see in an hour or so how I feel.  

30 Apr 2008 05:27
yeah they deff do look nasty as hell... and it dosent help that theres 10 of them  

30 Apr 2008 06:32
Aric Gant
Had a decent workout today. Felt good. Had energy. No abnormal effects that I can attribute to the PJ. I haven't worked out for a couple of weeks, so we'll see after a couple of weeks how I feel. I think my workout might've been fueled by excitement of being back. We'll see if it's the PJ or just adrenaline.

Hope you don't mind me kinda hijacking your thread.

Any word on Storm taking the pills two days in a row?  

30 Apr 2008 09:45
not at all man its all good... nah i havent herd back from him yet ..  

01 May 2008 06:42
Aric Gant
A couple days ago I worked out after popping PJ. Did arms only and was extremely "swoll". More than I can remember. Haven't worked out like that in awhile, so I'm not too quick to say it's the PJ. But I was impressed with the looks. Too bad it disappeared as quick as it came. :banghead:  

09 May 2008 06:05

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