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whats the best way to get rid of the unwanted beer belly,i am doing 100 crunches incline, 6 days a week.  

10 Apr 2008 16:11
diet and train. Don't go hard out on the abs because that wont change shit.  

10 Apr 2008 16:43
yeah man ive lost about 25 lbs of beer gut and i still cant see my abs and its been close to 4 months. its all about consistency and will power man cuz even i am getting frusterated but i know i got to push harder.  

10 Apr 2008 20:39
Yeah, same here. I mean I never had beer belly just baby fat. but like breethingmartyr said, it's consistincy. U just can't loose abunch of fat in one area. U have to drop those body fat levels to at least 10%. Very hard to do to be honest. Just get on a clean diet and rotate it. Whats been working 4 me is keepin my carbs early in the day. I don't eat carbs after 5 pm.  

11 Apr 2008 01:39
i figure i'd worry about the guy and abs once i get to the size i want to be first.hard to keep growing if your undereating.i just try to keep it at a respectable  

11 Apr 2008 01:51
thanks a lot ,everyone .i am trying to take all the info posible,i have been training for a month and the results are small but awesome.  

11 Apr 2008 16:37
yeah i agree with big. you need to work other muscles instead of abs all the time.  

12 Apr 2008 03:57
I really hate the adverts you see on tv sometimes. Saying you will get a six pack if you use their new ab machine. No matter how strong your abs are you will not see them if you are carrying fat. Cardio and diet should be the 1st priority.  

03 Jan 2010 03:41
doing abs exercises wont give you a 'flat stomach' if you have fat over the top, the best advice is to diet and exercise properly, oh and maybe don't drink beer Sad  

03 Jan 2010 18:07
[QUOTE=hartygolf;101879]doing abs exercises wont give you a 'flat stomach' if you have fat over the top, the best advice is to diet and exercise properly, oh and maybe don't drink beer Sad[/QUOTE]

I agree. I spent years doing crunches without ever seeing many benefits - well, I have strong abs, that's for sure. Once I got my diet set on right, that's when I really noticed the fat shedding off.

Do you know how many calories you're eating a day? And is your protein intake a bit higher? I found that really helped me keep my muscle mass while I lost the fat.  

05 Jan 2010 00:22
avoid eating too much calories, and avoid drinking beverages, alcohol to be specific, do vigorous workout everyday.., you need to train yourself.  

27 Mar 2010 06:35
Just do the orthodox fast and you will lose weight and your beer belly will go - no meat, nno dairy, no poultry, no alcohol believe me you will lose wieght without exercising.  

27 Mar 2010 10:09
spot reduction doesnt work lol  

28 Mar 2010 03:46
[QUOTE=californiaron13;104679]spot reduction doesnt work lol[/QUOTE]

Sorry to sound petty - but I think the more correct thing to say is that spot reduction does not exist rather than it does not work - as you cannot spot reduce anything.

Spot reduction is a fairy tale.  

31 Mar 2010 04:56
lol u got that rite  

01 Apr 2010 04:15

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