Trenbolone Ace. HELP PLEASE!

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whats up guys--i just purchaced trenbolone acetate 100 by and how should i do the cycle, what side effects should i expect..what pct? and how do i know if it is legit...any help is welcomed with open arms...oh and im 6'3" 185...prolly will be my first cycle  

08 Apr 2008 07:14
no no no no

tren ace not for first timers take test e or c for 8-12 weeks alone just to see how your body takes it. always use tren with test and as for your tren sides question do YOUR research.....anxiety and night sweats, good luck  

10 Apr 2008 06:08
i was thinking of buying some tren and stacking with winny? good i dea or bad? im 6'1, 178.  

01 May 2008 17:14
did you just say "i dea"
not good man  

02 May 2008 00:55
if your not gunna give me advice keep your comments to yourself i just wanted to know what i should do.didnt know a typo would be that big of a deal. grow up  

02 May 2008 19:16
that was a joke you the hell can we give you advice when you tell us nothing about long you been many cycles you have done.what were they.  

03 May 2008 00:42
not to mention, you might want to start your own thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

03 May 2008 05:38
yea i am a tool i just got that "joke" it was pertty funny! honestly i feel like a ass so sorry. and i have been training for 3 years never juiced before but i am about to i just need to know what could throw around 10 pounds of muscle. and again i do feel like a tool and FOR THE RECORD I AM NOT really here for advice. so if you gentlemen can help i would appreciate it. im 6'1 168 pounds 17% body fat.but i also need to stay in my weight class for mma so i dont wanna swell up like a balloon i wanna gain nice quality muscle.  

06 May 2008 15:44

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