m drol stacked with s drol

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whats up guys? i just bought a bottle of m drol and s drol.. the m drol has 90 tabs and the s drol has 60.. i was thinking of takin one of each for 30 days to see how i liked it then maybe one pill of s drol and two pills of m drol for the second cycle.. is this a good idea??  

02 Apr 2008 20:38
arent they the same thing?  

02 Apr 2008 21:49
yes they are they are both s drol knock offs

superdrol is a harsh mother too man watch out. try pulsing s drol with something like 1,4 bold
if your into pro hormones  

19 Apr 2008 20:37
dont know why people mess with that shit. real gear is less harsh on your liver and better results too  

19 Apr 2008 22:07

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