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Aric Gant
I'm 6' 185lbs. I have a good sized chest and back but for some reason I have long skinny arms. My biceps have decent size but my tri's just seem to be lacking mass. They are defined but I've been trying to get big bulky tri's to match the rest of my upper body. Is it just a product of long arms? I think my wing span was 6'3". Any personal experience or workout tips would be appreciated.

I work out about 4-5 times a week. I usually have an arm day every week along with the other days where my arms get work via chest and back exercises. Should I increase to 2 arms day a weak. I switch sometimes to working chest/tris and back bi's. But a few years now and I'mnot seeing the tri growth I would like.  

25 Mar 2008 08:27
I think training arms on a separate day is a good idea. Some believe that taller people have a harder time adding mass (or appearing so) compared to shorter guys. What are you doing for triceps at the moment?  

25 Mar 2008 11:37
Aric Gant
Doing everything I can possibly think of. Weighted dips, not sure of the technical names, Tri extension via cables and seated machine. Scull crushers sometimes but I can't really feel the isolation(might be doing them wrong). Overhead dumbell extension.

I think I'm try to get my buddy to help me do some forced reps as it seems I have plateaued. That might do the trick. Crazy thing is me and my buddy are the same height but he has huge guns and we use the same amount of weight. I know genetics is huge is muscle shape and size. I can bench more than him tho but his tri's are huge.

I also eat as much protein as I can at the moment and I watch my fat and carbs. I see differences in my chest, bi's, upper legs, and abs. tri's and calfs are just lagging.  

26 Mar 2008 02:35
skull crushers are one of the best for building mass. use some light weight to get your form down.  

26 Mar 2008 02:50

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