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I am still white but heres a few progress pics. I will show off the wheels when I get a tan Smile:thumbs:  

11 Mar 2008 04:49
looking good man... seems like your back is getting wider  

11 Mar 2008 17:57
Way to go buddy, especially liked the traps !!  

11 Mar 2008 20:40
i see a huge diff cystfit! keep her up..chest is looking alot better.  

11 Mar 2008 22:24
Thanx fellas. I have been really working hard at it like I know some of you guys do!!  

12 Mar 2008 01:02
lookin better bro. Find some bodybuilder pics and practice posing. it will help you look bigger  

12 Mar 2008 22:12
thanx again fellas! Yeah you are right Dex I do need to practise posing a little more. Thats cool Rob were all busy men here!! Thanx for the help!!!  

13 Mar 2008 04:05
looking good bro.keep it up and go GET A TAN! lol  

13 Mar 2008 04:55
LMAO. I deffinately need a tan.  

13 Mar 2008 14:23
I am going to start on the tan tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

14 Mar 2008 05:11
The next few pics I post up will look a little different. I have been in the tanning bad. I will send a pic of the wheels too next time!!!  

19 Mar 2008 03:49
Looking good brotha! keep up the good work man it's nice to see the progress everyone is making on the forums Smile  

22 Mar 2008 02:58
Thanx T! You have made excellent progress yourself man!!  

22 Mar 2008 03:14
all about the diet Smile well not all about the diet but it plays a huge role :D how has your diet been and what type of cycle are you on if you don't mind me asking?  

22 Mar 2008 03:17
keep up the good work brotha!  

22 Mar 2008 20:31
Thanx cani!!!!!  

22 Mar 2008 20:48
[QUOTE=csyflt;86402]The next few pics I post up will look a little different. I have been in the tanning bad. I will send a pic of the wheels too next time!!![/QUOTE]

Is it winter there or something? why not go down the beach and tan there?  

23 Mar 2008 05:41
The weather hasnt been fit fpr tanning here yet. I have been in the tanning bed since I started this thread. So I will be a little more tan in the next pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile  

23 Mar 2008 13:52
can see the progress brother and its even getting me excited (not your pics) but seeing the progress is definaitely there! keep it up  

24 Mar 2008 03:19
Thanx fellas!!!!!!! Smile  

24 Mar 2008 05:12
keep it up bro,lookin great:cool:neo  

25 Mar 2008 21:18
I have been out since 3/10/08! Hurneated disks in my Back!! I am slowly starting back! I can do any squats,deads or bent over rows for a couple more months. Have to do lots of lunges and leg extensions!:banghead:  

27 Apr 2008 06:00
Huge progress. Keep it up! Wink  

27 Apr 2008 07:34
Thanx DEX!!!!  

27 Apr 2008 07:51
crazy traps!  

27 Apr 2008 09:01
I do lots of shrugs. Thanx bro!  

27 Apr 2008 09:40
Im going to post some pics again soon!!!  

27 Apr 2008 14:51
What a difference the tan makes! looking much better there.  

27 Apr 2008 20:08
great progress man.where is your herniated disk? mine is c5 and i have been doing bent rows,lighter deads and lighter squats.i add weight slowly to them.i cant do shrugs cause it kills my neck where the disk is i suppose  

27 Apr 2008 20:54
mine is the L5 all the way at the bottom next to the tailbone!  

27 Apr 2008 21:40
ah ha,i see. beat man.just work with very light weight and build stronger muscles there.helped with mine.but wait until you are ready  

27 Apr 2008 23:39
will do rob!! Thanx for the commit cosmic I have been definately working on the tan part!  

28 Apr 2008 01:49
great progress and i see you are progressing on the tan a little as well  

28 Apr 2008 20:09
Thanx Morgan! Thanx Everyone here on this forum! You guys have helped me out alot and listening to yall I have built great knowledge about the sport/art of bodybuilding!!!!!  

29 Apr 2008 03:01
Bearman's Girl
Hey, tan looks good buddy!! It definately makes a huge improvement Smile  

29 Apr 2008 06:16
Thanx BG!!  

29 Apr 2008 14:15
I am going to post some progress pics soon. Maybe this weekend!  

06 May 2008 14:22
looking good bro the hot weather is almost here..i think you'll time beach weather perfect.  

07 May 2008 21:46
cool thanx bearman thats what im hopeing for!  

08 May 2008 02:31

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