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Alright guys so I would definitely like some feed back on what you think I need to work on. As I mentioned earlier I have worked on and off with weights nothing to serious till now. I weight about 210 down from 228 in December. No pump either, I just took them after work. I have been lifting serious for about 2 months now.
Also I know I have a lot to do, I am putting these pics up now so I can see improvement later and have some motivation.

Me standing I don't think I am flexing-

08 Mar 2008 05:59
everything good except the chest.
Improve the chest and you will look good.

What about your legs??

Ps work on your abs also.

Good luck Smile  

08 Mar 2008 07:33
Don't neglect anything at this stage, keep training hard on everything (yes that includes legs). keep at it  

08 Mar 2008 07:34
yeah hit the legs and chest a little harder!! Lookin good bro keep it up!!!  

08 Mar 2008 08:55
If you look in the triceps/bicep pics you can see that I have a scar running down, it's cause I had shoulder surgery. I find it very hard to work my chest out. Believe it or not what I have is a big improvement.

Maybe I should throw in an extra chest day?
And I will throw up a leg pic, but I do train my legs and they are pretty big already from rugby and hockey.

Anyways one have any suggestions on a good chest workout that uses the least amount of shoulders, maybe something that is harder on triceps or something.

Thanks so far for the feedback, I will post some more pics in may as I am leaving to go down south and it's a decent amount of time away.  

08 Mar 2008 12:01
Thanks guys will do, just gotta get rid of the pizza and beer.  

10 Mar 2008 21:58

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