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I am just introducing myself, I am From Ottawa, Canada and decided in the last few months after gaining 20 pounds to start seriously working out. I have played sports all my life and have off and on trained with weights but nothing to serious till now.
I have now been working out pretty serious for the last 2 months and really am enjoying it, kinda nice to have something that you have control over in life.
I guess I don't know what else to say, I guess my goals are pretty standard right now, get big and lean Smile.

Right now I weigh 206 at 5'11 with some decent definition(newbie standrds)- down from 228  

06 Mar 2008 23:42
welcome bro... just about my size. how old?  

06 Mar 2008 23:45
Oh I am 22 btw, I will put some pics up soon. It's kinda of embaressing considering how big half you guys are but I guess just like the gym you gotta leave the ego at the door.  

06 Mar 2008 23:52
no one is big here except for me. post up :D  

07 Mar 2008 01:19

07 Mar 2008 07:42
lil bit
Welcome to the board!  

07 Mar 2008 17:59
welcome to bbforums.its a cool place:cool:neo  

14 Mar 2008 20:24
Yo bro - welcome aboard Wink  

24 Mar 2008 22:46

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