Genesis Anavar legit?

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I ordered some Anavar from Europe and received it today. I was supposed to get 10mg 100 tabs. When I ordered in the picture it was named as Genesis Oxandrolone. The tabs are flat, round white, one side is plain, the other side has a line in the middle with a W shape on one side of the line. The pill is alittle smaller than a pencil earaser (round wise O) which doesn't seem to be 10mg, I could be wrong though. And it didnt come in the bottle or original package. It was in a baggy. Has anyone ever tried this stuff? I will try to provide some pictures. I would really appreciate your help.  

01 Mar 2008 07:38
the only help i can give you is that i've only seen dbol in oval shapes and anadrol in what your describing, they weren't smaller than an eraser though, BUT the a's were 50mg  

02 Mar 2008 08:02

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