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whats more beneficial more reps and sets with less weights or less sets and reps with more weights??  

27 Feb 2008 08:18
less reps more weight  

27 Feb 2008 08:29
r u sure?? cuz ive heard both sides from ppl i trust...but im jus looking for sum1s opinion even if i dont know them...i still need more ppl 2 agree wit u or against  

27 Feb 2008 09:01
your looking to get big, so you want low reps, heavy weight. this will help you gain mass  

27 Feb 2008 09:19
i usually do both.some sets with 15 reps then higher weight for 7-9 reps  

27 Feb 2008 12:59
beleive it or not they r both good. And they both will build muscle mass. but the havy weight and low reps will give you some strength wit that size!  

27 Feb 2008 15:01
i guess it also depends on the person. when i first started lifting i did lower weight more reps and i was going no where, after i switched to heavy weights and less reps i started gaining size and strength  

27 Feb 2008 21:09
less weight higher reps, it really depends on what your looking for, but i'd recomend that because the more sets of lower weight you do the more toned defined and endured your muscle with be. also it is alot better for your joints and heart to get a cardio workout during a weight lifting regement. plus bulk muslce is perpetually useless and bad for your heart, lean muscle is fast endured and cut with in my opinion is nicer  

27 Feb 2008 22:30

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