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is it wise 2 combine EAS protein with MASS XXX???  

26 Feb 2008 09:51
dont take both at once, that would too much protein for your body to absorb at once. im sure one of the other members will be able to tell you when to take the mass gainer but as for the protein shake you should take that when you wake up and after work out  

26 Feb 2008 10:10
i don't know about that eas stuff anymore...i found the whey to be junk.  

27 Feb 2008 01:38
the eas i heard was pretty gud...yea theres also whey in it  

27 Feb 2008 08:19
protein must be whey. dont settle for anything less  

27 Feb 2008 08:27
Why is this post in here???  

14 Mar 2008 03:47
chemistry...mixing drinks!  

19 Mar 2008 23:53
[QUOTE=Islandboi808;86417]chemistry...mixing drinks![/QUOTE]


that doesn't count as anabolic chemistry :aah: that would a question for the supplements section

and as rob said just gotta get to know everyone:thumbs:  

20 Mar 2008 01:05
:laughing:hey,since we are in this section,can i mix my eggs with ketchup? or franks with beans?heard they can be sorta EXPLOSIVE though.lmao!  

20 Mar 2008 03:41
[QUOTE=Islandboi808;86417]chemistry...mixing drinks![/QUOTE]

Oh! I'm sorry!!! That must have been MY mistake for not reading your post correctly.................:rolleyes:  

21 Mar 2008 01:42

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