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Does anyone have a preference of brand for their ZMA.

thanks in advance  

05 Feb 2008 12:28
Noone has any suggestions on what brand I should go with? Someone must have some thoughts, at least used one or two different brands out there and has an opinion!  

06 Feb 2008 09:58
and is there a particular brand you have used and had success with of ZMA?  

07 Feb 2008 06:11
I have been taking ZMA, Tribulus, GABA, Jak3d, and Protine. I have been have amazins workouts. But for ZMA I am just taking GNC braned.  

13 Mar 2010 19:27
ya ya hold your horses! for zma i use a product from the company vitasport called anabolix pm, it ha great zma for night time recovery and also naturally boosts test levels, its a great supp.  

13 Mar 2010 20:48

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