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So here's the deal, I bought Some Test-E and D-Bol the first time from a guy I know, the bottle of test looked like the one I've seen in all the pics around the internet, so I get my order this time and the bottles are totally diff, same Lab and all though.. Ill describe the 2...

First Batch of test:
Red Flip off cap dark brown vial light blue label fading to white saying empire labs in the background 'Enanthate 250' on the front '250mg/ml Testosterone Enanthate' below it. 'Lot# T9E9' and an expiry date in like 2009 as well as a holographic sticker on the back...

Second batch of test:
Red flip off cap once again... A clear vial this time same label but instead of a light blue fade to white it's light purple! and the font that says 250mg/ml and 10ml is Arial instead of times new roman like the first one... EXACT SAME label though (Same rubbery type touch to it, as well as a smell to the label) only diff is the purple instead of blue... Then the lot number this time was 'Lot# 00CC' with NO holographic sticker...? And I'm assuming the first lot number being T9E9 the 'T' and 'E' stood for Test-Enanthate... Becuase the dbol from the same lab i got has a lot number of D2M2 ('D'bol... 'M'ethandronstenlone)

Now I think it might be because these new vials are narrower and the label wraps almost completely around it leaving no room to put the hololabel without covering any of the writing. But is it normal for labs to change their vials and labels like that? I seen posts with pics dated back to 2005 using the same vial I got in the first batch... It just makes no sense...

edit: oh and also, the lot number on my first order of dbol is the same as the second, is that normal? orders were about a month and a bit apart...

Thanks alot for your help, I appreciate it.  

30 Jan 2008 09:08
It all goes back to this if you trust your source and he has a solid background in the bodybuilding community then I would say g2g.  

08 Dec 2009 19:40

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