test e - quality gear labs ?

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anyone firmiliar with this ? i got it from a family member who says its good. no pain in double checking.


29 Jan 2008 07:56
What's the point you only eat 2 x a day so it really wont do shit for you..Gear is an aide you have to eat and train to get results you have already stated you have a busy schedule(the reason your so mall at 145lbs). But you dont want to listen and make the right changes and see where that takes you..You juts want to take the the pussy road and your not even doing that right so good luck even if you got those bottles for free your still wasting your time.  

29 Jan 2008 08:07
theyr not for me. i said i was taking the advice i was given. i dont want to pass em along if theyr no good.  

29 Jan 2008 09:00
so does anyone actually have any knowledge of this company before i give this away?  

29 Jan 2008 09:54
"Not I.",Said the cat.  

30 Jan 2008 23:37
beware,in the eyes of the law,giving them away is the same as selling them  

31 Jan 2008 01:51
haha storms funny, i don't know about those man never heard of em  

02 Feb 2008 06:03
Yes I've heard of it.Never tried it.But Should be good to go  

01 Jan 2009 19:34
lol. post is a year old  

01 Jan 2009 23:42

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