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Its been a long hard road people this body is about 6 years in the making and i just wanna thank all my drug dealers and the people who bought be beer before i was of age. btw that dumb look on my face is me checking out my brothers camera skills.

Really im trying to make light of a decade long bout of depression and issues. when i look in the mirror i dont see me anymore and im sick of it, Long story short i lost my mind in a really sad way and I am regaining control of my mind and life.

So i havent lifted 6 years. when i did i gain almost 20 pounds in about 4.5 months and was 195 at 19%. and all thanks to this forum, i learned so much so fast i still find myself knowing more than people who do what they call lifting. So Im back you guys are a great resource i would reccomend to anyone and I will be drawing on you all. I'll be around.  

02 Jan 2008 09:23
a trip is i played football as a kid in Irvine under colt brennan, him in the background was not planned  

02 Jan 2008 09:25
I disagree.
You need to start training hard.  

04 Jan 2008 12:13
you need to EAT! thats all i can say for now.  

04 Jan 2008 14:55
hey i know im a mess i guess it would have been a better idea to bang out a month or two before introducing myself, thanks for stopping by with some input regardless  

05 Jan 2008 01:47
no man ont feel bad at all. there are good people here with great advice. stick around these plenty of motivation here!  

05 Jan 2008 02:54
shawshank said it best, "get busy livin or get busy dyin". glad your back bro...  

05 Jan 2008 04:38
GJ didn't mean to come across arrogant. But you need to research a routine and a diet to follow.  

06 Jan 2008 03:37
never call yourself a loser man! You will never get anywhere with that attitude.  

06 Jan 2008 05:19
I know im not loser i just settled for less and surrounded myself with losers. but i did lived like one for years, selfish compulsive and weak. I'm finally sick of it. Ive inadvertenly hurt people who love me and let them down, thrown away things talent that people would kill for. call it a moment of clairty, and I'll never let it go, anyway thanks for the support ill be around...  

06 Jan 2008 11:09
I was just gunna say the same thing - never call yourself sommething negative - even if it is a joke - yuo do it often enough yuo will believe it. That great American show Leave It to Beaver taught me something Smile  

06 Jan 2008 11:24
John H
very true  

06 Jan 2008 13:12
Bro u aint a loser ure a winner...the best peeps in life come from that dark place that ure leaving right now man - keep goin - make sure u stick at it n when u feel crap make sure u KEEP GOING cos that phase will pass too  

06 Jan 2008 16:36
I really appreciate everyones support. i knew if i was gonna follow through with this i needed to keep myself around postive like minded people and i knew this was the place.  

07 Jan 2008 02:35

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