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This is another multi-component testosterone which is becoming increasingly popular. Although the substance combination is not the same, this remedy can definitely be compared to Sustanon. The total quantity of the substance corresponds to just slightly less than half of the quantity included in Sustanon and therefore, either more frequent or more voluminous injections of Sten are necessary. The characteristics of Sten will not be discussed in detail since the description would be almost identical to that of Sustanon. We currently do not know of any fakes of this compound. Sten is available for $30 on the black market. At this price, however, one receives 2 Redi-ject injections which seem to be worth the money The 2 ml ampule has a brownish-red imprint which cannot be scratched off and is easily felt, having been burnt into the glass. Two ampules together with a 3 ml syringe and its needle are packaged in a plastic bed.  

13 Dec 2007 01:17

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