for canni eys ugly ass!lol

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:laughing:dont say i didnt warn ya  

28 Nov 2007 05:19
ohhhh yeaaaaaaaasssssss!!!!!! Bring that on you harry bear!!!! errrrrrough!!!:D lol  

28 Nov 2007 05:27
WHy do you both still have socks on? lol  

28 Nov 2007 07:04
becuz its cold... :D  

28 Nov 2007 09:02
no come here cannai and give a great big bear on a serious note this was taking long ago and i will place some current pics (minus the ass)as soon as i can get this damn cam working again  

28 Nov 2007 13:38
lil bit
Now I know you really are just teasing the animals, you big beast, you!! Not nice!!:laughing:  

28 Nov 2007 19:24
You know what I am always curious about with pictures like that? Who can you trust enough to take those kind of pictures? Because I KNOW I would not want anyone in there with me and my wife. Guys? Cani? Would you be able to do that? Maybe I am just off color because Im older.  

27 Dec 2007 08:59
but i DO want others in there with my  

27 Dec 2007 13:41
That is  

31 Jan 2008 23:06

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