UFC: Hostile Territories

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Decent night overall... sylvia and vera was overall boring... disapointed in the franklin fight too. Was really gunning for him to come back into it. Got his nose knocked out of place again... the fight would have been over in the first had the fight lasted 10 more seconds  

21 Oct 2007 18:10
watched it too I agree

but I find All silvia fights boring....it's too bad he is so tall and gives so many peopel problems because I really do not tihkn he'd do well at all if he was an average sized fighter  

22 Oct 2007 02:59
I didn't miss anything exciting then?  

22 Oct 2007 06:45
Franklin is just putty in Silvia"s hands.  

22 Oct 2007 17:21
I hear you on that one smallguy... dont like sylvia and yes most of his fights are boring.
silvas time has come and soon there will be someone else that will have the proper abilities to take him out...  

23 Oct 2007 22:51

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