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This is my progress. I am still lacking the tan but that will come soon. Thanks for the help and motivation!  

16 Oct 2007 01:35
damn looking good! I can deff see improvements! Keep up the good work Smile Yeah I would not worry about the tan as of right now but you are looking good. Back and bis A+ Good Job!  

16 Oct 2007 01:40
Thanx T you are lookin good yourself and I am ready to see some progress pics of you again.  

16 Oct 2007 01:43
I feel tiny anytime i look at most any members pictures. Very nice, how are the wheels?  

16 Oct 2007 01:59
They are pritty good. I wll post some pics of them later cause of my white wheels. I have oldschool wheels. WHITEWALLS!  

16 Oct 2007 02:12
Now that's a guy who listens to what we say, you look like a different person from those other pics you showed  

16 Oct 2007 02:12
Oh and dont ever feel tiny my man. It takes hard work and dedication and if you work hard you will acheve your goals. These guys have gave me some good advice. And there are guys on here that make me look fat and little, not to mention white. But they arent here to compete, there here to help so listen to them and you will go a long way!  

16 Oct 2007 02:15
Thanx cani, i have worked hard and i am going to take your advice and get a tan just been buisy. You have been a good help! Thanx for the advice!!  

16 Oct 2007 02:16
John H
looking great man. keep up the hard work.  

16 Oct 2007 07:50
Thanx John. Yall have been a good help!  

16 Oct 2007 12:42
looking great man... whats the stats now?  

16 Oct 2007 15:19
Yea now don't stop now you still have some ways to go in my opinion like start working your abs 3 times a week and keep up the hard work and you will go farther.  

16 Oct 2007 20:44
ok i will add abslot more. I have been doing good on the diet. Thanks for helping me get it right. Now its time to hit the abs.  

17 Oct 2007 00:46
hey bro you look great keep up the good work!  

17 Oct 2007 17:36
Thanx extreme. Like I said I have been working hard and paying attention to these guys and it got me along way.  

18 Oct 2007 00:45
something to be proud of... keep it up brother  

18 Oct 2007 04:19
Way to go!  

18 Oct 2007 06:14
what advice specifically from these guys has helped you?  

20 Oct 2007 02:34
my diet was a little off. They helped me big time on my workout routines. And the insiration and motivation. These guys are here to help people not only build muscle but do it in the healthiest way possible.  

20 Oct 2007 03:34
looking great man. love seeing progress pics  

07 Jan 2008 20:49
thanx guys i really appreciate it. i will post somemore soon. i have got to do like cani said and work on a tan.  

08 Jan 2008 15:11
csy you have awesome lats. Once you lower the body fat, than you'll really have a nice V shape going on. Arms looking thick too!  

10 Jan 2008 14:47
Where did you get your bench?  

10 Jan 2008 14:49
A freind had it and gave it to me. All I do for back is pullups bent over rows and one arm dumbell rows.  

10 Jan 2008 14:59
Well I say that but sometimes I do more  

10 Jan 2008 15:00
i do stiff legged deads for back day and straight deads for leg day  

10 Jan 2008 20:53

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