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so, my bench is pretty good and i am pretty strong chest wise...problem is my chest never "sticks out" it gets bigger but it just widens out insted of thickining. (if this makes any sense)
my freind on the other hand had really thick bulging u can see them through any shirt.
HE says he does more incline than anything else to get his pecs poppin out more. should i focus more on incline dumbels to get look or is there other better things i can be doing?  

11 Oct 2007 23:47
butterflies and dumbell bench  

11 Oct 2007 23:59
i have ALWAYS done dumbell bench, and i always do dumbell incline...BUT i do dumbell bench 1st and put more of an emphasis on flat dumbell bench then incline dumbell. SHOULD I SWITCH TO MORE INCLINE THAT FLAT??

p.s. i do lots of flys and it cuts up my pecs real good and gives me that tight line inbetween them...but it hasnt been making them thicker  

12 Oct 2007 00:52
John H
i have the same problem mad. my pecs are by far my weakest spot, and mostly because they dont seem to get much thicker  

12 Oct 2007 01:10
it could be genetics  

12 Oct 2007 01:51
It is indeed gens. Some guys dont have the big bulky chest. My cousin was benching around 550, and his chest wasnt thick either. Just wide. Dont let it bother you. Keep hitting it hard. Big chest isnt always better.  

12 Oct 2007 01:55
John H
theres this guy at my gym who does dumbell bench with 60's and 70's, and hes got a tiny chest. hes got the kind of body you would see and think that he just plays computer games all day, skinny as hell but putting up some serious weight for his size. its wierd  

12 Oct 2007 17:41
CSY is right people are different dont just use bench, I actually think dumbbell press work better for me.  

12 Oct 2007 20:32
and just the shape of a muscle is determined by genes u can always make something bigger  

12 Oct 2007 20:33
just keep mixing it up. use different lifts and different set rep ratios. shock that muscle into growth. Also diet is SO important. You can beat the worst genetics with an excellent nutrition plan.
Good Luck!  

08 Nov 2007 01:09

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