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Well here i am, asked for a little advice about 2 years ago, and this is my progress in the 2 years.
only 1 before pic i could find:

new ones:

any comments appreciated, im 6'2 and weigh about 180lbs(81kg). Still have trouble working my biceps and my legs = toothpics lol.  

11 Oct 2007 07:18
you dont look that different, what was your weight before?  

11 Oct 2007 07:23
not to sure, probably about 10kilo lighter  

11 Oct 2007 07:49
you look like you put on a lot of mass! Good job brotha now it's time to start cuttin Smile  

11 Oct 2007 11:39
[QUOTE=bluntandkronic;81192]you dont look that different, what was your weight before?[/QUOTE]

bump that, I can tell a diffrence. You have bulked up some. It might not be that much but it is some. Keep up the good work my man.:thumbs:  

11 Oct 2007 12:41
thanks for the positives fellas, i know it aint to much, but better then nothing :P  

11 Oct 2007 13:25
Definetly see the diff. looks like more mass without putting on extra bodyfat. good job and keep up whatever youre doing.  

11 Oct 2007 15:30
John H
you put on some clean solid mass. I also think that if you pushed a little harder you would see those results a lot faster. good work, keep it up because you are getting somewhere. how old are you?  

12 Oct 2007 01:01
24 now, was 22 in the first pic.  

12 Oct 2007 01:15
Good work man. Do like John said and hit it even harder. Dont forget to change the routine to shock them big muscles.  

12 Oct 2007 01:57
doesnt look different my ass.... good job bro!  

13 Oct 2007 18:56
How do you know how much he is pushing himself? He has not stated how much effort he is putting in. It may be the case that he is pushing himself to the maximum and he is getting maximum results from the training he is doing.  

05 Nov 2007 13:46
John H
well all i mean is that IMO he could probably have put on more than that in 2 years, but im not knocking the progress he has made. hes on the right track but i think that more probably could have been done if he pushed harder, thats all  

05 Nov 2007 18:43
Yeah but it could be one of a number of factors that could be holding him back including genetics, lack of recovery and all the other stuff that I'm sure that you know about as you seem well knowledged on this sport.  

06 Nov 2007 08:11
John H
well im a bit of an ectomorph myself so yeah i know how it is  

06 Nov 2007 20:02
[QUOTE=John H;82038]well im a bit of an ectomorph myself so yeah i know how it is[/QUOTE]

Me too. I'm finally starting to make progress however though. My supps. are helping. Good weight gain! What's your training look like?  

09 Feb 2009 03:26
John H
haha, you might want to look at the date this was posted before replying...  

10 Feb 2009 02:08
We’ve been so busy with this lawn service the past two weeks. We had a three lawns that were really tough. Two of the jobs were on foreclosed homes. The grass was so tall it was like hay. Of course, there was all kinds of garbage in the yards we had to clean up first. The third property we had to cut and clean up was for an individual who has been placed in a nursing home. The lawn mower threw a piece of metal wire into the front of my leg cutting that yard. Yikes…that hurt. What a way to end a grass cutting season.

I’ve lost another 4 pounds in the past two weeks. I’m going to have to start using my treadmill since the lawn mowing season is done for this year. I have to force myself to get on that thing. I wish I could walk where I live but it’s impossible. I tried it once and was chased by two dogs. We live in the country and people are not required to have their dogs enclosed in their yards. Everyone but us allows their dogs to run loose. I was a city mail carrier for many years and got bit a few times so I’m scared to death of dogs. Then definetly sensed it when I tried to walk where they lived.

There are three reasons I am having success losing weight. 1. Daily physical activity

2. Eating Healthy

3. Using a journal (track my food + activity)  

22 Jan 2010 10:30

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