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:confused:does anybody know about crown labs in the uk. i purchase some stuff by that company and i was just wondering if its fake, real or just plain garbage.
enanthate 300 deca 350 tren 100
got it from a friend, wondering if he stiffed please.  

21 Sep 2007 00:28
also would like to know needle size, this is my first cycle 5'5" 225lbs chest is 51" arms are 18 3/4" and im about 14 to 16 percent body fat.thanks again.  

21 Sep 2007 00:40
damn your a stocking thing eh... You in the midwest because you fit the profile of a friend of mine  

21 Sep 2007 00:45
nah im from the east where the apples are big:D  

21 Sep 2007 00:48
Ok. Never heard of Crown before maybe someone else has...  

21 Sep 2007 00:54
Ive heard of it. Got a bulldog on the label wearing a british flag shirt?  

21 Sep 2007 02:00
[QUOTE=estray;80512]Ive heard of it. Got a bulldog on the label wearing a british flag shirt?[/QUOTE]

yeah i've heard of them too.... oh wait that must have been in the other thread he stated:laughing::thumbs:  

21 Sep 2007 15:17
Buddy of mine used their Test E... He had no problems with it at all... And different needles sizes will need to be used depending on the injection spot. I would start with a 22 if you are stickin yourself in the ass  

25 Sep 2007 20:22

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