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I have a question.....

I normally use either a filtration unit like what is offered by Labrotory Lab Supply Inc. or I use the coffee filter and jar method which has always made crystal clear oils for me in the past; never any problems.

When I first got started, I tried a .45 whatman filter attached to a large syringe. It was nearly impossible to push 1cc thru this filter. Am I doing something wrong? maybe the density/thickness of the oil was too much for the filter???

Or maybe the .45 whatman filters need to be used when making test susp or winny.
Please let me know guys...if there is a trick to this or something Im doing wrong please lemme know. :thumbs:  

10 Sep 2007 00:30
probably doing it right. Your thumbs will be sore from pushing the plunger. It sucks  

10 Sep 2007 09:02

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