i need a recipe for test susp (test base)

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I am wanting to make up some test suspension but I haven't made it before.

I would assume that it is made the same as winstrol suspended in bacterial water but I may be wrong.

This is the recipe I have for winny in water for injection....

Mix 1 g winny plus 1 ml ba plus 2.5 ml PEG 400 in to vial.
Heat until mix goes into solution (clear liquid)
Remove from heat and filter with .45 whatman into sterile vial.
Add 15.5 ml bac water to filtered product slowly but does not have to be drop by drop as you will notice the winny will not easily come out of solution-took me 30 seconds to add all the water-slowly but not drop by drop.
Swirl vial slowly until it seems cloudy and well mixed.
Shake the hell out of it as hard as you can...this will pull the winny out of solution and into suspension.
Cap and voila!
20ml at 50mg/ml sterile aqueous stanozolol suspension.

If this recipe works for test suspension, let me know.

If somebody know the recipe and has tried it, please post. I tried looking for the recipe online and had no luck. Thanks guys:thumbs:  

09 Sep 2007 23:54
I would think that recipe would work just as good. Try it and let us know.  

10 Sep 2007 16:47
I would prefer to go with a known recipe that does work and has been tried. Im not trying to experiment; I want the recipe. All my UG labs don't supply the product and i have demand for it. Can I get a recipe from somebody that know for sure.

The winstrol recipe seems to be like it cause they are the same solutions practically w/ bacterial water but I need to know fro sure.


11 Sep 2007 00:37
Please Help Me Guys....................i Need This Recipe!!! Somebody Must Have It Or Can Gimme A Link....yo...i Need The Help Bad.  

19 Sep 2007 02:45
listen to Reg. he knows what hes talking about  

19 Sep 2007 02:58
Bro, whats with the ants in the pants???

If no one hear has a recipe do what I have done in the past. Try to make a very small batch to see if it works. You have wasted some time here waiting for someone to put in it your hands. No offense but come on bro.  

20 Sep 2007 19:12
i will do that, i just hoped it had been made by somebody  

20 Sep 2007 23:54
lol...i would if i could. i have ordered the powder yet. i am planning on making some cause its super cheap and highly effective. lots of people i talk to ,,,,cant even get it.

but yea....ur right...i should eat the whole entire powder packet and see what happens. maybe i will grow a second dick:hi:  

23 Sep 2007 14:29

23 Sep 2007 20:33
!!!!Storm, A.B.,Regino,JC someone slience this!!!!^^^  

24 Sep 2007 06:20
gotta love discussion board tough guys...always lookin for a way to feel important:laughing:.....keep truckin pal:thumbs:  

24 Sep 2007 12:28
[QUOTE=son_of_jorel135;80604]!!!!Storm, A.B.,Regino,JC someone slience this!!!!^^^[/QUOTE]

Silence what? Gaybodgod? who has only a few posts all about him licking manhole?  

24 Sep 2007 16:52
[QUOTE=Storm;80616]Silence what? Gaybodgod? who has only a few posts all about him licking manhole?[/QUOTE]


24 Sep 2007 23:02
anyway....back to the issue at hand. Does anybody experiment w/ test susp. I want to make a batch so bad. I think the injectable winstrol recipe will suffice.

I will do it the hard way if I have to by small batches and test injects:ohcrap:. Hopefully somebody here has tried the brew before. Hi  

25 Sep 2007 16:33
has anybody here managed to make test suspension? please gimme a recipe?  

29 Sep 2007 13:47

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