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Hi all im new to this whole thing so bare with me.

I just started a cycle of stanozolol and first of all im wondering what you think of that product. I weigh about 210 lbs. and im about 6'0. Im trying to get cut and lose about 10 lbs. do you have any tips for when i should be taking the winstrol, or what type of exercises i should be doing for a good cutting cycle.  

08 Sep 2007 17:07
you just started a cycle? so your running it now?
Steroids are for experienced lifters. If your looking to lose weight you should look at your diet to achieve that. Steroids dont do it for you.  

08 Sep 2007 19:17
Youll regret running a winny only cycle. especially as a newbie.  

08 Sep 2007 20:18
Sorry, But why u'r taking Stanazol alone! Why u Dont stack with something?  

14 Apr 2008 19:34

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