Good Sat morning ppl

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Hey team.AB is gone and its time to party Hi
Lets make it a great Sat for all of us ppl.  

07 Aug 2004 16:07
Yeaaaaa got to go to my old highschool and do some track work with Halo...She is going to love this...LOL....Oh well it is for the best....Storm  

07 Aug 2004 16:48
OH hellllll yeah...
I had a job interview today. I handed my resume in @ a bar called 'Wylders' last night.
They called me this morning for an interview. I walked in.. They asked me a few questions....and they told me I got the job. I start tonight..  

07 Aug 2004 22:32
hey guys, i am not gone for good. im droppin in everyday too keep you ****ers in line.

i will be back to my regular whoring in a couple days.


08 Aug 2004 01:36
I worked today....but it rained all day so i didn't miss much Razz  

08 Aug 2004 03:24

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