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Anyone here do it before? Just curious how it turned out cause im thinking about trying it.  

21 Aug 2007 17:09
Just curious as to why and yes it works. My friend did it with no problems  

21 Aug 2007 20:01
Curious as to why i want to do it? Ummmm cause im not real hip on sticking the pellets in my skin. :D  

21 Aug 2007 20:24
just buy some tren  

21 Aug 2007 20:59
No. I dont trust any UG labs right now. Conversion is MUCH cheaper too. ml for ml its about 1/3 of the price of the cheapest UG lab ive seen.  

21 Aug 2007 21:03
oh alrighty then  

21 Aug 2007 21:32
Yes, the conversion from pellets does indeed work. Although powders are the way to go. The do not have the fillers the pellets can leave on the bottom of the vial when it settles.  

25 Aug 2007 16:41

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