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This one wasnt too bad actually. Sherk was a tank! Took 3 or 4 knees straight to the face and didnt stop! Franca had the chance to take it in the first round after landing that first knee, but he threw a lazy look instead of the choke that he should have.

The Ortiz Evans fight was ok....somewhat boring at points. Tito would have won if it werent for a one point deduction for grabbing the cage.

Silva dominated and retained his title in the first round....I'm really impressed by this guy. I'm pretty sure he'll be around for awhile as champ.

Anyone else see it???  

09 Jul 2007 00:45
It was a great card all the way through.  

09 Jul 2007 07:14
great fights. good night all in all... nothing disapointing  

09 Jul 2007 20:01
I thought the Tito and Rashad fight was a mess and neither played up to what they could do..Once again Tito could barley do anything with an up and comer so IMO he has proven he doesnt have it to go for any belts.  

09 Jul 2007 22:02
hey guys i wasnt able to catch the fight this month...did evans pretty much lay on top on ortiz the whole time or how did that fight go?  

09 Jul 2007 22:30
It was relatively even...nothing extreme either way. Half hearted effort on both parts. Im going to have to agree with Storm....Tito isnt even close to being a contender for a belt anytime soon.  

10 Jul 2007 09:03
All the big fights are hyped up into nothing... most are a big disapointment  

17 Jul 2007 05:49
good technical fights, but nothing for the spectator to be totally impressed about. i wanted to see a big knockout and if it was on ortiz, that would have made my night. UFC 74 should set up nicely thou  

18 Jul 2007 15:40
Some good fight nights are a head of us! Always looking forward to coutures brawls  

20 Jul 2007 05:50
ye cant wait for randy to fight! hes the man. curious to see if hes in good shape. Was in amazing shape when he won the belt.  

22 Jul 2007 13:03

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