Liddel Knocked Out!!! Holy @!#$!!!

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It finally happened! Liddel was put down by 1 punch in the first round!!! Holy shit!!!  

27 May 2007 10:22
Yeah it was really quick fight, he didnt seem normal  

27 May 2007 12:12
he wasnt knocked out by one punch, he was knocked down. Seems fishy to me.  

27 May 2007 21:39
Definaitely called too early... Im getting sick of these title matches that get called too early... Make sure the guy is out before ending it...  

28 May 2007 00:10
he was being punched in the face on the ground and not defending himself, he seemed out of it at the time.  

28 May 2007 06:58

Theres the fight... chuck was up the second the fight was called....  

28 May 2007 21:31
respect to rampage, proved he is dangerous on the big stage, but i got a feeling we'll see liddel up and ready to take back his crown fairly soon  

28 May 2007 22:32
[QUOTE=A.B]Definaitely called too early... Im getting sick of these title matches that get called too early... Make sure the guy is out before ending it...[/QUOTE]

Exactly ^ What AB said and PRes Fad. These fights are getting so hyped up and lasting less and less in time. It seems like a waste of money to go to these shows because of set-ups like this. I can say with certainty that that fight was BS. I HATE Chuck lidell but that was a ridiculous call and Chuck deserved an actual fight not a bad call, calls like the win the super bowl for the wrong team.  

28 May 2007 22:41
Chuck shoulda won....very disapointed  

29 May 2007 00:43
I disagree Chuck got caught with a great shot juts about anyone would have gone down wit that hit including Rampage and the fight was not called to soon.Look at teh vid Chucks legs go limp and at other angles he was out..Yes he did recover quick and that is how he is but Rampage had full run of him and would have kept punding him no way he could have defended himself and he didnt the reason Big Jon stopped it he is the best ref there is and did his job well..

I said it all along 6mths ago Liddell would have won but Rampage has his game back and he is hard to beat when he is like that..I called it when they announced the fight as did Randy..I figured it would be quick with both of them going for the KO as soon as possible..Rematch will be good but with two KO's by the same guy that is going to rot Chucks brain I dont care who you are that sits there and burns..  

29 May 2007 02:36
Ramp has already beaten Liddel before. Chuck looked out of shape. When both his hands went down that was the end of the fight. I think it was a good call..........a bit too early but the right call.  

29 May 2007 08:47
When i first saw the knockdown i thought it was stopped to quick, however after the slow mo replays, it would have gotten real ugly quick, 2 shots undefended before chuck could get his hands up. I was pulling for chuck, hopefully a rematch, i'm just hoping this result isn't all about the $$$$$$$$ like every other big business sport!!!!!  

29 May 2007 16:06
watch the fight in slow motion chucks arms were limp and when big john dove on top of him, it made him roll over and there was a perfect shot of his eyes and they were rolled in the of his head...  

29 May 2007 20:48
ya i watched their first matchup (pride fighting) and liddel got pretty much owned. he definitley got bit pretty hard here too.  

29 May 2007 21:07
What's a Chuck Liddel?

Sorry, Entourage.  

29 May 2007 21:16
wasnt even a fight. dont care if it was rampage that was knocked out the "fight" wasnt a fight. One lucky punch  

30 May 2007 00:42
So Chuck throws lucky punches too?..Rampage beat the ever living piss out of Chuck 3 yrs ago I much rather get KO'd like sat then get the beat down he got 3yrs ago..No such thing as a lucky punch just about anyone has a punchers chance to win a fight.  

30 May 2007 02:53
bumpin storm there^^^^
the last fight they had liddel got burned  

30 May 2007 17:04
whoever says it wasnt a fight bc it was a lucky punch is full of it... they put gloves on and went at it. just so happens that chuck got knocked on his ass, pounded in the face a few times, and the fight was called.doesnt sound lucky to me!  

30 May 2007 18:53
Ahh be serious, UFC is all about the $$$ now, thats fact. just look at the celebrity crowds they draw in, do u really thing eva longoria cares about who wins UFC? not at all, it just improves her status. as for the fight, i would have liked to see another 3-5 seconds to see if Chucks guard would have come up, but never the less, rampage got his punch in, lucky or not, it was good enough. its about time Chuck was on the recieving end of a K.O punch anyhow.  

30 May 2007 20:36
i was expecting a BRAWL!!!  

30 May 2007 21:33
I wanted a brawl too... In my hoenst opinion the guy shouldnt be getting up if they call the fight liek that...  

31 May 2007 00:48
Yes, but you gotta keep in mind that its a sporting event. Those "brawls" were the reason it was illegal to begin with. They have to follow sport bodies guidlines.  

01 Jun 2007 07:52

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