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Hey everyone. First I would like to say that I am very new to this forum. I am 26 years old 5'10 and I currently weight 170lbs. I started weight training 2 years ago at 110lbs!! I am looking to improve my abs but im finding it hard. I work my abs 2 times a week doing about 3 excercises 10-12 reps. I also run 1 mile a day 3 days a week. Please check out my pics and tell me where I need to improve. Its not much but I have come a long way. I would appreciate any input. Thanks  

26 May 2007 22:39
Eat will you. You look starved brotha and stop running will you its about time on the treadmill above your basal metabolic rate for atleast 10 minutes after sweating.

Abs- are about diet and doing them. I don't have great abs but women can't keep their hands off them when I go out but abs are made in the kitchen. You have to work them all the time and train them like you would any other body part 15 sets no less. Also, you need to below 10% to see abs nicely which means you need to burn only fat. Getting back to the running if you do low intensity walking, stairmonster, and/or some movement/HIIT for a longer period of time like no less than 30mins IMHO. In order to sustain your muscle you need to eat your bodyweight plus 50 grams of protein a day 200lbs. You will gain and lose fat but eating clean is equally important which means, plain, plain, plain, rice, potatoes, broccoli, tuna salads, fish chicken steak.

Post your diet and your "routine" and don't neglect your back it appears your lats are underdeveloped. :D

And, welcome and great progress you look good.  

26 May 2007 23:11
Thanks for the input! Im eating trust me I guess going from 110lbs to 170lbs proves that. I am getting there slowly. I eat 4-5 times a day along with 2 shakes of BSN true mass which is about 800 calories per serving...
As far as my back goes I thought my back was one on my stronger points. I am including a pic so you can let me know what you think.
As far as routine goes I train 5 days a week. here is the breakdown

monday- chest/abs
tuesday- back
wednesday- bies and tries
thursday- off
Friday- shoulders and everything else that goes with it
saturday- legs

26 May 2007 23:28

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