pt-141 powder

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i am thinking of trying my hand in making some homebrew orals.mainly proviron,cialis,viagra and seems making them liquid would be easier than capping them.have been reading up and doing a search here but the info seems confusing to was always my worst subject,which is why i will not try my hand at injects lol. i want to try the pt-141 to use through nasal spray.the others just take like research there an idiot's guide to make it REALLY easy to understand?  

18 May 2007 14:38
whats pt 141  

18 May 2007 18:36
it's bemelanotide.a drug being tested by the the fda for sexual enhancement,both in males and females  

18 May 2007 19:31
prov will kill ur hairline yo.  

18 May 2007 21:35
have used prov before,its good to me and my hair.tren however f'd up my hairline a little  

18 May 2007 22:03

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