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I am a semi pro baseball player and have been told I need to add around 3-5 mph on my fastball and dropped .2 on my sixty time and add power to my swing. I have heard that winstrol is a good supplement for baseball since it doesnt bulk you up and makes you stronger. I was wondering if there is any other supplement that will increase fast-twitch muscle fibers while only adding minimal body weight. I am 6ft. 180lbs. and have been lifting hard for three years and havent been able to add weigth or gain the tools needed to make the next step. Any suggestions or tips will help thanx.  

29 Jul 2004 23:44
Bad thing is, all of the stuff you would need is expensive. Winny, anavar, possibly Eq. Eq ia good for increasing strength without added weight, but can give you muscle cramps. Running for long distances would be the only thing you have to worry about though.

Primo, tren, Eq, anavar and winny.

Want my honest opnion? I think that you should get a good diet going and that alone could help with strength. Also, what sort of training have you been doing? Any work in the water? That is an awsome way to increase power.  

30 Jul 2004 07:32
Could you give me an example of a couple of different cycles i could do? One if I'm interested in putting on 15-20 lbs, but still increasing my speed and quickness. And another one that would maybe only increase my weight by 5 or 10 lbs and allow me to throw harder.  

31 Jul 2004 05:18
Anavar is a popular drug amongst athletes who compete in "weight-classed" sports who want to gain strength without a significant gain in mass(i.e olympic wrestling, boxing, track athletes etc..) that doesn't last long in the system. The problem however is that it is VERY expensive.
What you decide to stack depends on how strict your testing is. I would stay off Equipoise because like most injectables it stays in your bloodstream for a long period of time. Of course, people have their way's of masking the drug which I know nothing about.


If you want to add a stronger adrogen to a cycle to assist you, you could add Test. Propianate to the mix as it is short acting and doesn't stay long in the system. However, it needs to be injected at least every 2nd day IMO(200mg/wk 4 injects/wk)
Test Prop/Winny(oral)
Test Prop/Anavar  

31 Jul 2004 14:24
[QUOTE=shockfusion] (200mg/wk 4 injects/wk)


31 Jul 2004 16:58
Test propianate 50mg every two days. Monday:50mg shot Wed: 50mg shot Fri:50mg shot Sun: 50mg shot = 200mg and 4 pokes :D  

31 Jul 2004 23:15
For the Test Prop/winny or anavar, how long and how much of each would I run during a cycle? I would like it to last no longer than 10 or 12 weeks. And would i need any anti-estrogens during or after the cycle?  

01 Aug 2004 07:47
None of those cause bloating, so the only thing I recommend is keeping nolva on hand for any other side effects and only take it if they hit you. With a cycle of prop, winny and anavar, you could get away with an 8-10 week cycle and have good results. Use 100mg EOD of prop, 50mg ED of winny for 4-5 weeks at the beginning and anavar at 30mg ED for the reamining time.  

01 Aug 2004 08:06
So should i take the winny through injection or through tabs....I've read its more effective by injection, but then i'd be injecting a lot more often with the test prop as well.  

02 Aug 2004 11:35
Either way you get winny, whether it be a suspension (water) or tabs, you can take it orally if you want.  

02 Aug 2004 15:19
What size needles and syringes would i need for test prop or winny? I was planning on using diff injection sites and want to know if a 25 guage needle will work for all sites.  

03 Aug 2004 06:34
Winny is crystalized, so a 25g needle make not be big enough. The crystals can get stuck in the needle and be a pain. Go with a 22-23g and the oil will inject smoother and the winny crystals will have less of a chance to get stuck.

If you do find out that the winny gets stuck often, then just start drinking it instead. Winstrol depot is the same thing as the tabs, it's just suspended in water.  

03 Aug 2004 06:58

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