can dogs smell out gear?

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sup yall! been a long time.

i now have to travel with my job and was considering taking my gear with me. if i where to get pulled over or something can dogs detect gear? gear in question is test-c.  

09 Mar 2007 06:10
i dont think so i believe the dog is trained to sniff out stuff like weed.....i doubt the police officers would be having the dogs sniff THERE OWN stuff lol.....that dog would be running around the station barking at all of them  

09 Mar 2007 08:17
Shog where you been? Stick aroung man.  

09 Mar 2007 08:43
Yea the dogs would be chasing down every guy and probably gal around because its test men and women produce it the only way they would be able to detect it would be by them sniffing horse/bull test which could also be confusing for the dogs because of how many women take prgesterone which is produced by bulls and the primarily recommended form of birth control for women and those on HRT (women)  

09 Mar 2007 08:48
Airport dogs can.  

09 Mar 2007 16:50
Even if its hidden in your ass?  

09 Mar 2007 18:25
will power
I work and train MWD military working Dogs. They can only if they are trained to detect that drug. We have ssd dogs that smell out land mines and we have narc dogs that smell out specific durgs and last we got the bomb dogs explosive stuff. They can not do each others jobs. BUt most likely you wont get caught by a dog, You probley get caught by the neddle sticking out you ass  

09 Mar 2007 20:04
i've read thats total BS. they cant smell out AAS  

09 Mar 2007 20:28
Big A
i dunno estray's freaky like that you wont have to worry about the needle hanging out :laughing:

im not 100% sure they could sniff out AAS though, im sure if they trained a specific dog for it as will said.  

09 Mar 2007 21:21
I dont see how they could smell anything through a glass bottle-vial.  

09 Mar 2007 22:57
they smell out glass...DUH!  

09 Mar 2007 23:18

10 Mar 2007 05:29
glass eh? like glass eyes?  

10 Mar 2007 06:03
thanks yall! i didtn think they would be trained to smell out aas but just wanted to get some opinions first. i know its risky taking it with me but its a decision i am going to have to make when i start a cycle @ may. i travel i44 between okla and mo and well i44 is known for drug traffic and i see dog patrol all over the place, mainly in mo though.  

10 Mar 2007 16:28
DOH! double post...  

10 Mar 2007 16:32
dont look guilty. what kinda car do you drive?  

12 Mar 2007 19:24
Lambo baby! Yeah don't I wish. As far from it as could be. A 06 Kia Optima. DOH! LOL! It's a good lil car and don't regret buying it atleast.  

12 Mar 2007 20:24
yea i wouldnt worry about gettin searched then. keep it minimal and throw away used needles.  

12 Mar 2007 20:27

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