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what do you guys think of this? that site claims up to 40% absorbtion with this formula. if i got some test prop powder, i could make a transdermal. up to 6 grams are supposed to dissolve in one bottle. one bottle 30 bucks. and a bottle is 215 ml... so i could make a bottle of this stuff at about 28mg/ml. 40% of that would be absorbed, (im thinking real world half that, but if the 40% is true...)11.2mg/ml would be absorbed. meaning i could rub on 5-10mls a day get a pretty decent test prop transdermal for not a lot of dough... 1 bottle would last 3 weeks. @ 100mg per day absorbtion. I know not as efficient as making my own injectible, but still a viable solution for not a lot of dough...  

20 Feb 2007 05:16
its not going to cost you much, try it out. id be interested in hearing results  

21 Feb 2007 03:11
i am thinking of trying it. would be pretty easy to do, as keeping the solution sterile isn't an issue. any other vets have any experiences with transdermals?  

21 Feb 2007 19:27
right. ive thought about that. i was thinking of applying to an area she probably wouldn't touch (not my cock, you ****ers). i was thinking inside of upper arms or insides of wrists and just being careful to avoid contact for a few hours. if i catch her cheating, ill give her a massage with my magic lotion a few times a week for a month, until she has a cocktail weiner clit and a mustache! Smile  

22 Feb 2007 01:54
Dude that sounds cool. If you give it a try please let us know with all the details. I kinda have a thing with sticking myself and have often thought transdermal would be a great alternative.  

22 Feb 2007 06:25

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