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Well i go to the gym Tuesday and Thursdays now whats a good workout for upper body?

I do bench,dips,bicep curls and some lat rows

anything else

does anyone have a power workout plan?  

02 Feb 2007 05:07
Tuesday - chest and tris n shoulders
Thursday - back and bis

bettr to space different parts out on diff days

u dont do legs? switch it all up every 6 weeks or maybe sooner, listen to your body man  

03 Feb 2007 14:40
you need more than 2 days a week workout man.try 4 or 5 days.and do your legs too
try this
day 1 chest/delts
day2 rest
day3 legs
day4 rest
day 5 back
day 6 tri/bi
day 7 rest
there are many variations,just giving you one.what is your weakest bodypart?try doing that one on its own day  

03 Feb 2007 21:23
I do plyometrics for legs and thats all i need since i play bball and i dont want to use weights for my legs  

04 Feb 2007 02:51

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