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Alright, so I was at the gym today. I was just finishing off my set of military presses and sat down to take a breather. There was a man in about his 30's who was talking to a young guy like me. I'm 20. There is no question in my mind that the older guy was juicing it. This guy was thick and biiig. So the younger guy was talking to the older guy about how he wanted to be big like him, and was asking advice about protien shakes, suppliments etc. in order to get big like him. The older guy mentioned something about hard work and training, and dedication, but left out the fact that he was a steriod user. He also mentioned to the young guy that theres alot of people taking steroids now a days, and you don't need them to get big like Arnold.

Okay, its so obvious that the older guy was jucing it. the younger guy probably wasn't aware of this because he wasn't a regular gym member. I'm just wondering if some of you guys care to let people know that your on steroids and not ashamed of it if people are curious to what your taking. I know you don't go up to somone in the gym and say to him 'hey, what the hell are you taking' you just don't do that. Are you open with yourself and letting people know that your on steroids? Or do you just brush it off...?
I hope this thread doesn't cause to many conflicts.... :banghead:  

11 Jul 2004 01:50
i dont say a word to anybody. the only people that know i juice is one of my cousins, and also you guys here.  

11 Jul 2004 01:57
my gf and one of my clsoe friends that's it


11 Jul 2004 03:20
I will tell anyone how to start getting greater gains in the gym through diet, training, OTC supplementation, and rest. Everything else is up to them. That's how I started out. Some of those will get bigger and want more then can be naturally attained... then my signature applies...  

11 Jul 2004 04:18
juice, I never even thought about using!  

11 Jul 2004 08:19
What are steroids?

It's no one's business what anyone does. Steroids are illegal, the smart guys aren't going ot advertise. He was doing what he thought was best for this kid. I would have done the same thing. Someone who has just started lifting doesn't need to worry about that shit.  

12 Jul 2004 04:15
Same as Shortz.I have a neighbor kid who is asking what I am taking.I tell him lots of protein,creatine,hard work,sleep, and a good muti-vitamin.These kids think that gear is the answer.He asked if I have ever taken gear and I told him I took Andro back in the  

12 Jul 2004 16:17
Plenty of big guys out there who are clean...Hell I use to get accused of being on gear years before I ever did it..I got up to 225 and 10% bf so mnay today would call that someone who is on gear...Nowadays if you have any size your on gear...Storm  

12 Jul 2004 21:11
I tell everyone I use to use, but do not anymore  

12 Jul 2004 22:29

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