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Has anyone here ever been sore in the stomach area after pull ups? and which grip do you all prefer? Confused:  

03 Dec 2003 23:58
To perform pull ups with control (i.e. with no swaying or kicking) you will be using core muscles (i.e. abs) to keep your body steady through the motion of the rep. I find that my abs do get tired when i do pullups, and I can feel it even more in my abs when my back gets closer to failure.  

04 Dec 2003 00:01
Oh and palms away from you grip emphasizes the back most- palms in towards you grip places more emphasis on bi's, i believe. I definitely feel it more in my back with my palms out.  

04 Dec 2003 00:03
a nice wide grip! bring your head just above the bar and pause and squeeze to get the pump!!!!  

26 Dec 2003 06:53

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