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Okay guys, I have a few questions:

I have been working out with only natural supplements for about 2 years now and my gains are sad, to say the least. I've read up a bit on the net but the information is sometimes so conflicting that it doesn't give me much hope. I've decided to invest in some Dianabol but don't have the guts to start using it. I've been told that I'm going to screw myself up by using oral steroids. Now everywhere on the net everyone raves about D-bol.

I want to use this alone for about 3 weeks at 20mg / day just to see how I react to it and if I get any funny side effects. Maintaining the gain at this point is not really an issue for me because I basically just want to see if a 3 week cycle of D-bol alone screws my head up and makes me break out like a teenager is what I can expect before I go crazy and order every injectable on the market.

If I do not use something like Nolvadex as post cycle therapy, I realise maintaining my gains is near impossible, but as I said, I want to test the stuff first so I'm not bothered too much. However, I will keep some on hand in case the gyno becomes a problem.

If I don't use an inhibitor afterwards, how long will it take for my testosterone levels to return to normal after I stop taking D-bol? Would a shorter cycle be better as a test phase? I've already got the D-bol and it's basically just been staring me in the face for a few weeks now because I am uncertain of actually trying it. I don't want to shut down my testosterone production completely and become a whiney little girl! :laughing:

If you guys can give me some info on what the best way would be to use D-bol alone, I'd appreciate it. (Some guys say it works, others say it's not advisable) I am quite skinny, and I've reached my limits with normal supplements, diet and workout so I just want to see what my body is able to do. I've read that D-bol was often used alone by bodybuilders years ago and they had significant gains. Please take into consideration that I don't want to compete or be a muscle god, I just want to gain about an additional 5kgs / 10 pounds in the next year or so... :thumbs:  

19 Oct 2006 22:34
Oh yeah, I'm 25 and about 1.88m tall, I think that's about 6'3" and weigh in at 76kgs or 152 lbs. I work out 4 times a week and follow a really strict diet. I've got all the definition now but I struggle to gain weight because my metabolism is in hyperdrive! I eat myself into a coma but hardly gain weight. I've spent enough money on dieticians and personal trainers now, I want to bulk up a bit!  

19 Oct 2006 22:41
Nobody here will tell you to go ahead and do a dbol only cycle... it's just a bad idea. If anything it will shut you down needlessly and leave you with no gains at the end. You are also screwing things up for when you actually want to do that REAL first cycle. Basic advice... don't do it.

You've either gotta do it and do it right, or don't do it. Your first cycle is the one that will blow your mind. You will gain like there is no tomorrow. Don't waste that if you indeed do decide that this is the road that you want to take.

Of course... this is all IMHO  

19 Oct 2006 22:47
Okay well, then I need advice on what else I have to invest in to stack with the D-bol. If I'm going to do it, I might just as well do it right I suppose... How much of what for how long. Any advanced users' advice would be great, because I've received advice from some newbies before and they simply didn't make a helluva lot of sense.

If you guys can put me on the right track for decent short cycle gains I'm willing to give it a shot. (I don't want to be on a cycle for longer than 4 weeks at first, so if at all possible, could it be squeezed into that)  

19 Oct 2006 23:06
bro you need to do some research for yourself. steroids arent just something you can experiment with..... your risking messing yourself up for years. post your workouts and diet and see if some people on here can help you. IMO you prolly think your eating enough but your not. keep researching and i guarantee that youll be rethinking your choice. i was just like you i when starting thinking about using i just wanted to make it a simple as possible and didnt wanna put in the time to learn about different things and the more i researched i realized that i wasnt nearly ready to start and i tuned up my diet and training and have been gaining like crazy.  

19 Oct 2006 23:21
you should try eating 5k calories a day with 350 g protein. 500 g carbs 160 g fat per day. I bet my life you gain on that diet!  

19 Oct 2006 23:45
Yeah, cardiac arrest and an angioplasty Smile LOL! But I agree...  

19 Oct 2006 23:52
You need to get your diet in check at the hieght and weight. That would be my first suggestion. I would guess 90% people that say that have a fast metabolism just aren't eating enough. You might be one of the exceptions but I'd check into a solid diet first. As for cycle do a little searching. I'll give you that basics what all cycles should have 1. TEST (some sort) 2. PCT (if you don't know that that means should taking anything yet) 3. ancillaries (l-dex, nolva are a must have for me and bromo depending on what you are taking) I will tell you now though if you are not eating well, during or after the cycle you'll not gain that much other then water and afterwards you lose most if not all of the weight you added. So post up your diet and training and alot of people here would be more then glad to help.  

19 Oct 2006 23:56
9 times outta 10 they arent REALLY eating enough. so thats why we are asking for your diet.

jcvaughn is right on the basics. go with test cyp or enanthate and you could throw in 20-30mg of dbol everyday for the first 4 weeks. PCT would consist of clomid and/or nolva and if you want you can use HCG during and after. i would go for 8-10 weeks. Personally i've been doing 8 weeks my first 3 and i've had very steady and lean gains. only weight i've been dropping is water.  

20 Oct 2006 00:21

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