The Final Chapter

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Dont forget Shamrock vs Ortiz on Spike Oct. 10/06

I would like to see Shammy get a lucky punch and take Ortiz down. To much drama in this shit nowadays but looking ofrward to the brawl  

09 Oct 2006 02:54
I still belive Shamcock can take him out but who knows that last fight was bogus def should have let them go until there was a limp body and blood..  

09 Oct 2006 05:04
I dont even really care about these two anymore. Whenever I hear about it, all I can think about is the last time when I was on the edge of my seat in anticipation, and then it sucked. Prediction: Ortiz dominates majority of fight, Shamrock lucks out and lands something lucky, or gets a lucky submission.  

09 Oct 2006 08:18
[QUOTE=Crazy_eyes]Prediction: Ortiz dominates majority of fight, Shamrock lucks out and lands something lucky, or gets a lucky submission.[/QUOTE]

You rely on the name Shamrock too much. :laughing: maybe he should start calling himself Lucky instead  

09 Oct 2006 18:14
ok, so I said lucky too much:aah: , point being he isnt gonna win based on skill.  

09 Oct 2006 21:13
So its done people! Shamrock has retired, Ortiz won 3 straight. The rest of the fights were good, I was glad Matt Hamil won his round.  

11 Oct 2006 05:15
I went into OT at work and missed it... Did the fight go the distance or was shamrock pounded in the first round  

11 Oct 2006 17:47
barely looked like ortiz was touched.... shamrock got killled IMO  

11 Oct 2006 18:22
Ortiz had him dominated. Took him down and pounded away and got the KO.

I can't wait until Ortiz vs. Lindell in December that will be one hell of a fight.  

11 Oct 2006 18:56
Tito finsihed it proper this time Ken was out for sure..Total domination..Hamil did not impress me one bit he hasn;t learned shit in 11mths with Tito which is pathetic..It also showed his "great" take down ability isn't really as good when it is up against a seasoned fighter..

He was killing the UF guys but had problems taken down this guys..Once on the ground what did he do?? Very little just ground his elbow into his head even before the cut so wow whoopee Hmail has ALOT of learing to do if he is really going to be good..Liddell is going to kill Tito AGAIN no way Tito has elevated himsefl above a fighter like Liddell he is good with the trash but the top guys are going to take him out..

What the fck was all that mushy gushy I love you shit with Jenna I have been fckd more then there have been fights in all the UFC's?? That shit was stupid as they get..I love you Jennna?? I love you ababy when the cameras were on them?? Come the fck on she was happliy married a few mths ago and cleaning house whith her biz that is shared by her hubby..Yea brag about that pussy Tito makes you look real good..Please!!  

12 Oct 2006 00:18
thats some funny ass sh*t right there  

12 Oct 2006 02:50
yeah...thats almost raunchy. As for Ortiz vs Liddel? It's gonna be a repeat of last time they fought. tito up against the cage getting the shit beat out of him. Liddel is simply a level about the rest right now. Sobral had one defeat in 4 years, and trained those 4 years for that come back, and got destroyed in the first round. Ortiz is up for the same fate.  

12 Oct 2006 03:48
Ortiz is good, but not Liddel good. Liddel should take him down, would love to see a K.O. on ortiz... thats the stuff dreams are made of!  

12 Oct 2006 04:01
I want too see ortiz knocked out clean in the first, then Liddel imitate his grave digging vicotry dance thing that he always does.  

12 Oct 2006 06:32

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