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I'm not that upset though... Jay toppled the champion Smile

10th place: $14,000, Gunter Schlierkamp
9th place: $16,000 Dennis James
8th place: $17,000 Markus Ruhl
7th place: $18,000 Toney Freeman
6th place: $30,000 Gustavo Badell
5th place: $38,000 Melvin Anthony
4th place: $48,000 Dexter Jackson
3rd place: $60,000 Victor Martinez
2nd - Ronnie
1st - Jay  

01 Oct 2006 18:48
yea i called jay a long time ago! hell yea!!  

02 Oct 2006 00:22
Well the fac they broke a long history of no MrO losing that is great..I am glad they finally let it happen..Jay looked great.  

02 Oct 2006 02:58
I really want to see some pics but havent had a chance to find any yet  

02 Oct 2006 03:37
Jay looked like a monster and ronnie had his usual gut.  

02 Oct 2006 04:37
Heard Jay had an extra 10 lbs this year as opposed to last. What happened to my boy Gunter??  

02 Oct 2006 04:55
im very very happy with Jay being 1st but im very dissipointed in the rest of the comp. branch 12th? gunter 10th??? and Gustavo 6th?!?!?! and then ruhl is 8th. he jumps around so much....i didnt agree with some of the judging.

Storm did you go? i was lookin for you at the expo

oh and lee priest got some gay ass tattoo on his face  

02 Oct 2006 07:16
look forward to seeing pics, tryed searching for some just last years though  

02 Oct 2006 10:03

Something is the matter with Ronnie's legs. I suppose that's why he lost (well Jays back is better this year too).[/QUOTE]

I think Ronnie got owned...  

02 Oct 2006 17:12
John H
they have the same skin tone  

02 Oct 2006 18:33
thats a cool site. jay came in better and more dry  

02 Oct 2006 18:35
Ronnie was a little more vascular too. Im not sure how much that counts for. Jays lats were way bigger and his abs are so much better than ronnies though.  

02 Oct 2006 20:02
NO I dind't go and I am so glad..It took me several days to recover fro my show and I really wasn't feeling good until thursday..

My view on the Mr O Jay hada the complete package..Ron was in the biggest and best shape ever but the problem was his back and arm injurys he had..With him being so big and so conditioned his injurys were glaring..His back is nothing like it was and his left arm was alot smaller then his right ..The main thihngs was his back it is about 70% of what it was and from what I hear he was having a left shulder problem that wasnt alowwing him to fully flex his left side.

Jay was just awesome plain and simple..His back was crazy massive his condition was on point..Now vascualrity is somwething that you have or don't so that is something you can't fault someone for..Jat has never been vascualr he coes in very hard lean and dense when he is dry and that is what he brought..Look at the vid even when relaxed Jay had cuts hwere Ronnie didn't..Jay just had great condition..Storm  

02 Oct 2006 20:17
Wow, i never noticed that b4 but there really is a huge difference between right and left arm on ronnie.  

02 Oct 2006 20:27
thats sucks to have an injury  

02 Oct 2006 21:30
[QUOTE=AKS]Heard Jay had an extra 10 lbs this year as opposed to last. What happened to my boy Gunter??[/QUOTE]

He was too busy making BEERFEST.  

02 Oct 2006 22:59
Gunther got a virus before the show.  

03 Oct 2006 01:11
[QUOTE=Storm]Gunther got a virus before the show.[/QUOTE]

tht sucks, i love gunther. it was obvious it was jays year this time around, but surely big ron cant compete much longer. respect to him for still being at it and not quitting while he is ahead, but at 42, is the end of ronnie? i feel jay will come into his own the next 2-3 years, he really is getting better and at 42, ron cant compete at tht level for much longer?

well done jay, (keep at it gunther:))  

03 Oct 2006 04:49
^ jay is already one or two years past the age he said he planned to retire..
but now that he won the O that veiw might change.  

03 Oct 2006 08:47
^ jay is bound to be back. dnt b stupid. he wont retire at jus 1 olmypia victory.  

03 Oct 2006 18:01
Jay and ronnie are heads above the rest of the field. either one would be dumb to quit now.  

03 Oct 2006 18:54
[QUOTE=estray]Jay and ronnie are heads above the rest of the field. either one would be dumb to quit now.[/QUOTE]

i would say martinez is up ther. i thought he was more in proportion and in great shape this year. do some callouts on that website against jay. jay is slightly bigger. but i really like the shape martinez was in.  

06 Oct 2006 20:52

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