Beginner Cycles?

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First timer, looking for a good beginner cycle. Something strong, but at the same time, something good for a first timer..... Any Suggestions???  

22 Sep 2006 23:00
read past threads in the forum. Use the search feature and you'll find plenty of info on a beginner cycles.  

22 Sep 2006 23:21
whats experience, age, weight, bf%, diet, routine  

22 Sep 2006 23:57
ok read your other post. youre 17 so you dont need to be touching anything but steak and chicken. trust us we know better than you do. you could really screw yourself up  

22 Sep 2006 23:59
Don't need to be touching any AAS at your age. Stick to lots of food and train hard. PERIOD!  

23 Sep 2006 00:41
didn't see other post. agree with others, eat more, lift heavy and sleep.  

23 Sep 2006 00:49
No comment............too young.  

23 Sep 2006 19:24
i'll comment. stay away from it. eat lots of fooooood! and train heavy  

26 Sep 2006 20:29

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