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:confused: hey folks...I had a question and was wondering if you guys could help me. Two parts:

First, I am working out and eating right everyday...I am trying to burn my fat so I can have what everyone wants (6 pack). I bought this prodcut today which I am sure all you have heard of : hydroxycut hardcore.

I wanted to know if this stuff works and how to make it work effective. I know diet and exercise is key and without those 2 things this suppliment is useless.

So does this product work though...will I ever see my abs hahah.

Second, I wanted to know what kind of diet/exercise I can see to maximize this product.

Lastly, after taking this suppliment I am going to hopefully see some definition and become somewhat cut...i plan on taking andro after and bulking up from there.

Is this a good plan? I am still lifting heavy while i am on the hydorxicut and eating lean as well as running 30 minutes every other day. So overall, my plan is to get cut and lean...and bulk up by taking andro (cycling on and off of it.)

Can anyoen give me advice and let me know what else I should do or if hydroxycut hardcore even works.


22 Sep 2006 00:07
calm the hell down and only post this in one section. what's your age and stats? hydroxycut is yohimbe. it does help with stubborn fat, but diet is key,,  

22 Sep 2006 00:30
mah bad dawg. I'm 5'10...170lbs...im not huge im average slim...but have a belly...and plan on doing sit ups..etc...and cardio while on it...what do you suggest.

thanks bro.  

22 Sep 2006 00:35
muscle tech sucks. take it back and get something else. like D4 or Redline Smile  

22 Sep 2006 01:02
Tight by SAN or MHP takeoff  

22 Sep 2006 04:47
dude its simple. if u have the time,wake up early and eat something light but make sure u eat. then wait 30-45 minutes and then go do cardio. not hard just joggin and/or stationary bike for 45 minutes. eat at least 4-5 times a day but very light and healthy protein filled food. make sure ur last meal is before 6 or 7 at most! then again run at night but make sure its before ur last meal if not ull be in massive pain from hunger. also, and i stress, do light weights but lots of reps. say 4 sets of 14 reps. cardio will make u lose weight but working out immediately after will make u lose like crazy. i used hardcore and did that same routine and i lost about 17 pounds in 8 weeks. it was very rewarding. if u cant go at night at least get that run in the morning cuz if its in the morning it will kickstart ur metabolism and ull burn fat all day.  

22 Sep 2006 06:38
Did FDA really diagnose from 23 people who prob already had an alcohol problem say this caused it??? this is absurd people. This product worked, and its retarded for FAT AMERICANS to say this is wrong...so the stupid fat mother ****er lobbyist who did this needs to die from liver damage, along with the stupid mother ****er who stated Marijuana causes people to kill, and use the same mother ****in skizofrinic physco as the justification for outlawing the drug...****in ridiculous...generations need to step up and quit letting this fat belly busting baby boomers ruining our country...  

17 Jun 2009 05:18
Muscle Tech's "HYDROXY CUT" doesn't have good reviews and most of the people have not got good results...

Try "NUTREX LIPO 6", its really good and it helps u to cut down ur weight...  

29 Jul 2009 14:15
You could also try animal cuts.  

15 Aug 2009 04:36
I would suggest taking the andro now, then cutting. During your bulking phase your going to be putting a little bit of fat back on.  

28 Aug 2009 07:54

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