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Just kind of a what if question here. If you were bulking, and you could only focus on 2 of the following ... Calories, Fats, Carbs, Protein ... which 2 should you make sure you are getting enough of?

I'm guessing Protein, and Carbs... right?

Like say theres 4 different shakes. 1 has all the calories you need, 1 has all the protein you need. 1 has all the carbs you need. and 1 has all the fats you need. and you take the shake with you and drink it throughout the day. You can choose 2 of them, which ones do you take?  

24 Aug 2006 06:32
Eat EVERYTHING that isn't moving when you are bulking. Seriously, get huge! Then keep up on cardio, lift, and GROW!!!!  

24 Aug 2006 07:20
haha I knew that was coming. I'm going to eat everything, just wondering.  

24 Aug 2006 08:03
if you own a dog then you arnt eating enough. when i started bulking my dog was killed and eaten. had all her dog food too. (joking if there are any animal rights poeple on here! shes fine...until the fridge is empty)  

31 Aug 2006 16:34

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