Hey Storm, dont look here.

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Mmmmmmmmmm. Haha  

14 Aug 2006 21:04
No no he'll like this more.  

14 Aug 2006 21:12
Horrible torture, I don't wanna look but I wanna see what everyone puts up.  

14 Aug 2006 21:18
Haha, good one JC. I know hes got a soft spot for these.  

14 Aug 2006 21:27
haha thats ****ed up!  

14 Aug 2006 21:40
Man you guys are messed up. I'm hungry now.  

14 Aug 2006 22:24
Where's that pic of AB in spankdex?  

14 Aug 2006 22:25
Wow you are bad people, I'll blame my future obesity on this thread.  

14 Aug 2006 22:28
Ok, one more.  

14 Aug 2006 22:33
That burger is photoshopped lol it looks like its 10 pounds...  

14 Aug 2006 22:34
I gotta go find me one of those tonight!  

14 Aug 2006 22:37
[QUOTE=illsniggles]That burger is photoshopped lol it looks like its 10 pounds...[/QUOTE]

Ha at a restaurant near me we have a nine pound burger.  

14 Aug 2006 22:40
ha ha, great thread estray, other than im freakin hungry now. Oh well, guess its brown rice and can tuna,mmmm...f*ck  

14 Aug 2006 22:53
Doesn't bother me I have always been pretty good about cravings..Krispy kream is da heat through..  

15 Aug 2006 00:14
I broke down and ate some goddam pizza hut supreme pizza tonight....couldn't help it. Back to the oats and tuna tomorrow.

15 Aug 2006 04:56
Pizza hut buffet is amazing.  

15 Aug 2006 06:37
Oh god I bet it was so good, I used to work there when I was 16. Could you imagine dieting and working around that stuff all the time, huh I have crappy luck I worked at abbotts while dieting as well.  

15 Aug 2006 18:18
Its so bad, even the crust is saturated in grease...  

15 Aug 2006 18:21
nasty. i cant eat alot of pizza or anything with sugar in it without wanting to throw up. went to a wedding and couldnt eat 2 bites of a cheese cake. barf!  

15 Aug 2006 18:26
Yeah ever since i started working out a few years ago, I lost any crave for candy and stuff like that, and i cant drink soda, but fatening foods are my demise.  

15 Aug 2006 18:27
every once in a while i'll have a diet dr. pepper. that was my favorite drink! i switch up my lean meats and marnade them so it doesnt get old.  

15 Aug 2006 18:32
yeah i have to have a diet soda every once in a while, especially if im eating something that just dosent go well with just water  

15 Aug 2006 18:34
crystal light baby! low calorie flavored water. easy to just put tuna in your mouth and wash it down. dont even chew  

15 Aug 2006 18:40
I know, but, all that spenda really cant be good for you, i buy crystal light by the wholesale boxes lol, that sht tears your throat apart if you have too much  

15 Aug 2006 18:41
I'm going to try stevia pretty soon as a sweetner...I'll let yall know how that works out.  

15 Aug 2006 19:10
splenda is awesome. they have brown sugar splenda now  

15 Aug 2006 19:25
dont worry storm. offseason is only round the corner. i must say im more than enjoying bulking! at my heaviest and strongest!  

15 Aug 2006 19:52
[QUOTE=LukeVTS]dont worry storm. offseason is only round the corner. i must say im more than enjoying bulking! at my heaviest and strongest![/QUOTE]

Thus bulking... lol -- bulking is great, your never short on energy and feel malnurished lol but u feel like crap when ur waistline adds a few inches  

15 Aug 2006 21:39
John H
does that splenda stuff have aspartame in it? i cant stand the taste of that crap, its the reason i cant drink diet pop of any kind. plus it causes alzheimers  

16 Aug 2006 00:22
no its made from sugar  

16 Aug 2006 01:05
Theres 92 side effects of aspartame. Oh well.  

16 Aug 2006 06:50
John H
yeah i think people are better off just drinking the sugar thats in real pop  

16 Aug 2006 08:07
illniggles. that never bothers me. but saying that i cant put that much fat on anyway! ive started doing cardio whilst bulking and its just impossible to gain much at the moment. it's great not feeling like crap though. i was so ill when i cut. wish i'd have took some pictures. alot more cut than in other photos of me and even those my abs are easily through.  

16 Aug 2006 21:55
Aspartame? lol i never use sugar, oh well 92 more side effects to the other 10000000000 i put into my body...  

16 Aug 2006 22:09
[QUOTE=illsniggles]Aspartame? lol i never use sugar, oh well 92 more side effects to the other 10000000000 i put into my body...[/QUOTE]

Ha that is one of the smartest things I've ever read on a bodybuilding website.  

17 Aug 2006 03:35
Oh my God...!!! This thread is torture.. I am leaning down and God damn I did not need to see all those pics.. yummy!!! Oh well no prob.. I am a vegetarian so the pics of burgers are no biggie.. but still got me hungry.. Krispy Kreme.. AAHHH!!!  

17 Aug 2006 04:55

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